Friday, July 29, 2016

Make Your Momma Happy Wish List

Of all the people in the world, I only wish for my mom to enjoy and appreciate life in spite and despite of everything that has happened to her. She’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known, and seeing her fall into pieces makes me realize that superheroes do fall down sometimes. To look into her eyes and see genuine happiness after some years of desolation and misery, that's all I wish for; because after all, she deserves it.

Our family was typical middle-class; both my parents had 8-to-5 jobs while us kids went to a private school. We had no car, but we go to church every Sunday. I was the only girl in a brood of three making it weird for me to play with other girls and their girly stuff. There were struggles during my younger days but we get through it day-by-day.

We all graduated from college and entered different fields of profession, looking for our perfect little spot in the world. I was in my mid-20’s (that crucial stage where some of my friends are already experiencing quarter-life crisis, whatever that is) when everything shattered all at once.

My mom was diagnosed with a terminal disease and she had to undergo life-threatening operation. Even though we had measly means to support her operation, we still pushed through with it. The operation was successful and then after a month, my dad died.

Maybe because it was due to stress or whatever but he never had any serious illness as far as I can remember. He was the strongest person I know, and then one day his heart decided to pump its last, he didn’t even make it to the hospital.

Our lives suddenly shattered into pieces, especially for my mom.

For six years now, we’ve been adjusting to living without the guidance of a father and the need to support my mother. We are struggling, yes, but we still maintain the love and affection that we once had. It’s just that we, the kids, are the ones who are taking care of her now.

There are moments still that my mom would breakdown crying and all we could do is comfort her. Her second life now is dear to us and the last thing we’d want was for her to suffer any more for the remaining years of her life. I want to see her smile and laugh genuinely for whatever reason there may be.

In the past years, there’s this desire to make her happy in whatever way I could. Even the littlest things like meaningful conversations before going to bed is basically important for me. With that, I’ve long been crafting a great plan for a mom-and-daughter bonding moment that would make us relive our younger days, when everything was simpler and happier.

So here’s a secret plan I’ve been keeping for quite some time for my mom and I.

I love travelling, and every time I’m out of the country, I would often wish that my mom was there beside me to share those wonderful moments. I’ve had several trips with her in the past and we already explored Cebu, Bohol, Bacolod, Iloilo, Guimaras, Leyte and Samar. This time, I wanted to bring her to Bangkok in Thailand (‘coz she loves food and flowers) for a weekend full of adventure, just the two of us.

With this, I’ve checked Manila to Bangkok flights and tried mock booking via Expedia and found great deals on flights compared to booking directly on airline websites. But recently, I just learned that I could save much more when I book online via ShopBack (check out how ShopBack works).

Accommodation would be no problem ‘coz my mom is game for anything whether it be a hostel or a fancy hotel. But for this grand trip, I’m planning to book on one of the luxury hotels in Bangkok. I checked Agoda and saw a few great deals. But then, when I checked ShopBack’s site, it proved to be much better.

I, of course, would love to have a stress-free flight and wanted to have something cool for my mom, like a funky travel bag from Lazada or Zalora perhaps, and a nice travel get-up from Forever21 to complete the package. All of which can be bought from ShopBack’s wide array of brands.

I also want her to create her own Instagram and Facebook accounts for her to share her experiences through photos. This entails a good camera phone, maybe from Samsung. I also found great deals at ShopBack for this, all you have to do is sign up and enjoy the great rewards from all of their merchants.

Bangkok is a food haven so I’m planning to treat her on some good old mango sticky rice and pad thai on a fancy restaurant. I could go directly to my favorite restaurant in the city but I’d love to stretch our budget further so I might be getting a great deal on food delivery at Foodpanda via ShopBack so we have more bonding moments at the hotel while waiting for our sumptuous lunch or dinner.

With everything’s in order, I could finally fulfill one of my greatest dreams, to treat my mom on a relaxing holiday with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company without spending a fortune. This will definitely make my mom extremely happy as she starts to put behind all the grief and sadness and move on with her life. And that perfect moment would also be mine :)

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