Thursday, March 30, 2017

The AirAsia Philippines Big Points Quiz - Episode Six

Five lucky winners have been chosen, be the sixth one. BlissfulGuro in partnership with AirAsia Philippines is giving away 5,000 AirAsia Big Points every two weeks starting March 25, 2017 to June 10, 2017. Check out the details on how to join!

Red Talks with Daphne is the newest web series from AirAsia that launched its first webisode last March 25, 2017 (read more details about the six-part web series here). For a chance to win 5,000 AirAsia Big Points all you have to do is:
  • I will post a quiz about the latest webisode and you have to answer it by commenting on this blog post with your Facebook name and share this post on your Facebook account using the hashtags #AirAsiaRedTalks and #AirAsiaBIGPointsQuiz.
  • Every two weeks, a winner will be raffled off that will get 5,000 AirAsia Big Points.

That easy!

So are you ready for the sixth part of Red Talks with Daphne? Here it is!

So how was it? Were you inspired by the latest episode from Red Talks with Daphne? Let’s start the ball rollin’ and answer this question for a chance to win 5,000 AirAsia Big Points.

What is your ultimate destination of the year? Why?

The winner for this episode will be announced after two weeks. Goodluck guys and enjoy watching Red Talks with Daphne.

Please take note of the following:

Participants must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the Philippines and must have an official Facebook account in public setting.

Contest runs from March 25, 2017 to June 10, 2017.

Correct entries will be raffled off by AirAsia representatives and will be announced/notified on the next webisode post.

Ticket prizes that are not claimed in 60 days will be forfeited.

Congratulations to the fifth winner of the 
AirAsia Big Points Quiz!

Rachelle Therese Gonzales

*Watch out for AirAsia’s seat sale wherein you could use your AirAsia Big Points to buy tickets. For example, during the member-exclusive Final Call Sale, flights can be redeemed from only 500 Big Points.

Terms and Conditions

1. The prize for this contest is not transferable and/or not convertible to cash.

2. By participating in the Contest, the Participants agree to hold harmless, defend and fully indemnify the Organizer, its directors, employees, personnel, representatives and agents from and against all losses, damages, expenses and all third party actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including without prejudice to the generality of this provision, the legal cost of each other), awards and damages arising as a result of the Participant's entry in the Contest.

3. By participating in the Contest, the Participants are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Contest upon the submission of their entries for the Contest. The decisions of the Organizer in relation to every aspect of the Contest including but not limited to the types of Prize and the selection of winner shall be deemed final, conclusive and binding and the Organizer will not entertain any complaints in respect thereof under any circumstance.


  1. Yippee!!! I won!
    Thank you so much!

  2. My ultimate destination for this year is Shanghai. Because last year, even if everything was already planned, my trip didn't push through because I have to prioritize something which is family-related. But I hope this time I can make it. I want this trip to happen simply because it is a long time dream. I am very much fascinated with its history from the moment I learned about it in our History class way back in high school. More than the infamous great wall, I wanna understand and personally experience their culture and tradition. SO let's go!

    Darwin Miranda Cayetano

  3. My ultimate destination for 2017 would be Vietnam. I heard it's similar to the Philippines in many ways: lots of rice fields, rowdy motorists, vibrant culture. But in some ways, too, it is unique and possesses a distinct character of its own. I look forward to exploring its markets and temples. Yet what makes me most excited about going to Vietnam is the food. My god, I love pho! I believe it's the best thing since liempo. In general, Vietnamese cuisine is light, refreshing, undeniably filling, and has lots of "going-ons" – my kind of food! Really can't wait to go on a gastronomic adventure to this country!

    - Celine Reyes (

  4. My ultimate destination for 2017 is Taiwan! It is a food lover's destination and I'm so excited to eat my way throughout Taipei. All those beautiful scenery is also a big plus too. Especially the rock formations and hot springs!

    - Darlene Mae 'Dada' Madrid