Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Photos From my Ipod

What to do on a rainy/classes suspended-Monday? Sleep and eat the whole day of course! I would never get tired of staying in bed with my good old blankie on this rather nice weather. And then I got bored, I was thinking of reducing my blog backlogs (nhuks...) but am still in a coma state. And as I scanned my ipod, I saw some interesting photos that just needed to be published. Here are some of the random photos from my ipod.


Tzu Chi Foundation's Vegetarianism Seminar

A Taiwanese-based Buddhist foundation sponsored a 
Vegetarianism and Volunteerism seminar. 



The only fruit (I can think of) where you have to eat the seeds, not even the skin. 


Summer haircut

'Coz the heat can be so irritating.


The Big C

A friend's fight for the Big C.

Carla: Bakit nag wo-work ka pa? Mag-leave ka muna.
Friend: Mas ok 'yung nagwo-work ako. Nagiging busy ako, nakakalimutan ko umiyak.
Nakakapagod na rin kasi minsan umiyak eh.


The crazy watch

A co-teacher was selling this to me (a really expensive watch). 
It's a cool watch.
You have to follow the number for the hour hand (wherever that number is). 
For the minute hand, the standard reading should be followed. 
Confusing but fun right?


Seminar/workshop of MAPEH teachers

This is how they (we) do it. 
MAPEH by the way is for Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health.


Jollibee and friends

Ask anyone if they've already attended a Jollibee party and they would say "Hell yeah!"
Jollibee birthday parties are always fun and when I get to attend this particular one, 
5 of their mascots were there for 20 minutes! Cool.


Graduation day

Who says that teachers are boring (and manang)?


My granny is so fashionable

Effortless high-waist. Can't pull that off. 


My students two years ago

They still know my middle name. 
Talk about 'favorite teacher'.



My grandfather was a Teniente del Barrio (Barangay captain) and mayor of our town in Zambales. All flags in town were in half-mast and we needed to go to the plaza, church and municipal hall for necrological services before going to his final resting place. 
Who doesn't want to have a Philippine flag on his/her casket?



'Yun na!


  1. Ang ganda ng shades! Hehe. Been looking for a shades that would fit my face and my budget. Hihi. :)

  2. kelangan muna mag delete ng photos sa ipod mo aahahahah ,,,

  3. Totoo ba yung nakasulat sa last picture? hehe!

    1. oh yes anney! sa bagong ayala mall sa subic yan. hehe