Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Heavenly Two-Hour Massage on a Beachfront Spa in Boracay

The soothing background music calmed me as I was lying on the massage bed. I was relishing every kneading stroke on certain pressure points that I specifically asked my masseuse to focus on. I was halfway through my two-hour massage at Bella Isa Spa (at Boracay’s beachfront station three) wishing that it won’t end any time soon. It felt like a dream that I indulged in such a sweet pampering. But I wasn't dreaming after all.

Our quick weekend trip in Boracay two months ago involved some staycation in Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center and pampering from Bella Isa Spa. No beach frolicking and late night-outs as what we did the year earlier (blame it on the rainy weather) but we had fun nonetheless.

Boracay Massage Station Three

I’ve had quite a number of remarkable spa treatments in the past (including a great Balinese massage in Bali, Indonesia and Malay massage in Langkawi, Malaysia) but often, the massages I had in the Philippines gets unnoticed.

Boracay Massage Station Three

I was looking forward to our Boracay massage treatment as it promised to provide a revitalizing massage from their professional therapists which I really needed at that time as my body still ached from the Beach Hop Asia 2016 two-month backpacking trip we had last summer.

It was early morning after breakfast when me and my buddy went to Station Three’s beachfront area and looked for Bella Isa Spa. We had prior reservations that we did via Klook Travel's mobile app that made everything easier and more efficient, all we did was to show up on our desired time.

Boracay Massage Station Three

It started with a foot cleansing ritual at the promenade and followed by an introduction of the essential oils that will be used during the procedure. I wasn’t exactly a fan of aromatic oils so I chose the mildest one.

Boracay Massage Station Three

Me and my buddy were ushered to the treatment area where soft music and dimmed lights welcomed us. Trays and dresser were provided for our stuff. I was asked to lie face down on the massage bed and then silence.

It was a total pamper-me time in Boracay so I booked a two-hour massage treatment with a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish strokes. And as my masseuse started to knead each pressure point I specifically asked to focus on, I knew I was in for a great time.

Boracay Massage Station Three

The gentle hands of my masseuse comforted my tired and aching body. I was enjoying every minute of it. Two hours felt fleeting when you’re having a good time. I supposed my buddy was in dreamland half of the time and I couldn’t blame him.

We were given hot ginger tea as we approached back to the lobby. We enjoyed it at the porch overlooking White Beach of Boracay comparing notes on our massages, oh well, he slept almost all throughout of it so he just remembered a few. Haha.

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I wouldn’t wanna move after the splendid Boracay massage we had as I wanna linger it up to the last. A little pampering on a party island may not be a bad idea after all.

Bella Isa Spa
Station 3, White Beach, Boracay Island,
Malay, Aklan
Contact Number: (+63) 36.288.1381
Open Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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