Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hotel Booking Made Easy with Traveloka App

There will always be that moment when all of a sudden you desire for a breather while in the middle of a busy workweek. A yearning for a quick staycation. It was last Wednesday when I felt that exact same feeling right after my exhausting solo winter trip to Seoul. I then grabbed my cellphone, checked out the recent hotel deals on Traveloka app (realized that there’s an ongoing promo) and then booked the hotel I was eyeing for months now; it was fast and easy. In minutes, I turned from a sluggish sloth to an energetic bunny who’s waiting for the workweek to finish.

I was itching for a staycation for months now but was too preoccupied with my teaching job and my traveling gigs (yes, nomadic life can sometimes be exhausting). I wanted a day or two of doing nothing and just stay in bed or just lounge all day. The right moment came when I felt really down and realized that I needed a quick reboot and instantly booked for a night’s stay on a hotel in Metro Manila. Truly, you can turn a negative feeling to a positive one.

I’ve been traveling for seven years now and I can practically say that I know the ins and outs of backpacking. My regular hotel booking routine would be; check for rates directly through their websites, check for promos on different apps, and then compare both. That would give you an overview on promos and discounts that you might probably have overlooked, but it is time-consuming. Plus the frustrating fact that other apps would just roughly give you an estimate of the total amount but will give you a different rate when you go to the final booking, blame it on the taxes and other fees.

My newest travel buddy
Recently, I discovered a no-frills hotel and flight booking app that provides the greatest deals and real-time all-in rates, emphasis on the all-in. Recently, I tried it for the first time and let me share with you my booking experience.

     I searched for the Traveloka app in my play store and then downloaded it for free.


I then registered for my own account which will easily manage all my future bookings. 
Once registered, I checked out the ongoing hotel deals then took note of the applicable promo code.


I clicked the hotels option on my home page and entered the hotel I’ve been eyeing for a long time now. 
Then I keyed in the specifics of my stay (date, how many nights, guests and rooms needed). 
You may also choose nearby locations or enter a specific location if you still do not have any hotel in mind. 
All of the choices that are deemed related to your search query will then be listed which you can filter 
by either arranging it from the cheapest to the most expensive ones or other sorting category.


I was then brought to the home page of the hotel itself wherein I was given information about the hotel, its facilities and location, plus guest reviews. I was also provided with the different types of accommodation that are available on the dates I’ve chosen. Inclusions such as breakfast and WiFi connection were also highlighted.


Once selected, the summary of the booking with the total price was computed and amazingly,

 the price shown was actually my final bill.


There was an ongoing deal on hotel stays so I entered the promo code once I reached the payment page. 

The price was then reduced and then I was given different options where I wanted to settle the remaining balance. 

For the payment options; you may use credit or debit card, you can also pay over-the-counter through reliable payment centers (which also includes a nationwide 24-hour convenience store) and through banks. There’s a time limit though for you to settle it, in my case, I had one hour and 44 minutes for my credit card payment.


After I keyed in my credit card details, the payment was confirmed 
and the hotel voucher was immediately sent via email.

And that’s it! Just like that, I’m days away from my most awaited staycation. And it only took me minutes to finish everything. I am so addicted with Traveloka app now that I usually use my spare time looking for accommodations for my future trips ‘coz it’s super easy and straightforward. Next time I will definitely try it for booking flights.

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