Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Quick Travel Guide to the Philippines

Going for a vacation in the Philippines will eventually give you the experience you have always been seeking for. Traveling to this country is a bit different compared to when you do it around its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and even Taiwan.

Philippines is rich with endless choices of places to explore as it has seven thousand islands stretching across the North Pacific Ocean. One of the key factors why the country is getting more popular among international tourists especially backpackers is because it is relatively cheap to travel to this place. Apart from its beautiful beaches, you can find adrenaline-pumping activities and exciting tours offered there. Don’t be surprised if you make new friends among the locals there on your staycation as Filipinos are very friendly and will capture your heart with their good manners and attentive hospitality.

Below you can find an awesome guide on going for holiday in the Philippines that might help you.

Travel Guide Philippines

How to get there

Getting to the paradise surrounded by thousands of islands and breathtaking beaches is somewhat easy. You can simply book flight ticket via your favourite airlines and many of the top airlines have direct flight to Manila such as AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Singapore Airlines. If you are on a budget, do not worry as you can always look out for cheap flight ticket on travel websites such as and Expedia. There are frequent flights to the Philippines from major cities nowadays making it a lot more easy for travelers.

What to wear and bring

Believe it or not but truth is this country is now less conservative than other Southeast Asian countries. So when it comes to clothing, the people there are a bit more open minded as the dress sense is more towards the western style ever since the booming in tourism sector. However it is best for you to dress more modestly if you plan to venture rural areas that are less touristy. Before you go on your trip, you might want to buy clothes that are not just appropriate but suitable for such trip. You can always check online for all the cheap travel essentials that you might need too such as backpacks, padlocks for hostels, flip flops etc.

Must-have apps

Even Philippines is the paradise for travel junkies and backpackers, I warn you that finding free wifi can be hard and not to forget slower than you are used to back home. So before you set out to travel the country, do not forget to download these apps which can be handy at times.

uTalk Go – I recommend this secret weapon for backpackers. This useful app helps, a lot, when it comes to learning the language at foreign country you are visiting.

Maps.Me – With this app you would never get lost while you travel. Available with offline maps mode, this app can be used to download map and route keeping you on track.

XE Currency – Calculate your expenses easily with this app on your smartphone.

Travel Guide Philippines

Handy short phrases:

Hello! – Hi!

Goodbye – Pa├ílam

Thank you – Salamat

My name is… - Ang pangalan ko ay…

How much is this? - Magkano to?

Stop! - Para!

Do you speak English? - Paano mo sabihin ang sa English?

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