Monday, May 15, 2017

Five Reasons why Traveloka App is my Newest Travel Buddy

We are currently on a remote island in the southern part of Cambodia when we checked the last leg of our two-month backpacking trip. We then realized that Philippine passport holders could stay visa-free to Vietnam only for 21 days, our flights in and out of the country revealed that we will be staying for 23 days, big problem. We had an option to apply for visa which will last for 30 days and pay $30 each (plus service charges) or book a new flight, we did the latter.

It’s been less than a year since I’ve been introduced to my newest travel buddy that saved me from so much trouble in the past year. It was in December when I suddenly yearned for a staycation in the metro to unwind from the stress of the holiday season. I’ve checked out Traveloka App and learned that they have an ongoing promo, then I did a spur-of-the-moment thing and booked an overnight stay on a hotel that I was eyeing for (you can check out how I managed to get a great deal on hotel booking in Traveloka here).

Moving on, me and my buddy were contemplating whether to pay the visa fee or extend our stay in Bangkok (Thailand is on the third leg of our trip) then book a flight that will compensate for the 21-day visa-free privileges that we have in Vietnam. We weighed our options and recognized that it will be so much cheaper to book a new flight than to pay the visa fee. We have a local sim card with us whenever we travel and the good thing was that even if we’re on a remote island the signal is still reliable.

Traveloka App
Booking a flight in the middle of a remote island made easy with Traveloka App
So to cut it short, we booked a new flight with AirAsia using the Traveloka App and in minutes, we received the confirmation through email. We’re lounging on a beautiful island while we fixed this little problem of ours. Traveloka is truly our lifesaver.

So why do I love Traveloka App? Here are the five reasons;

Fast and easy to use app interface

I am not techie in any way. Various apps can make me grumpy with a slightest mistake so my buddy showed me one time on how easy it was to use Traveloka in his mobile phone which got me to download it without him knowing. I tried booking for hotel once and it was super easy especially if you have registered for your own account as you need not to key in your personal details every time you book. You could also filter or sort the results of your hotel and flight searches whether lowest to highest price and such, this will really save so much time and effort in booking.

No frills and upfront pricing

What I hate most about some online flight booking sites is that the total price you see is not really what you’re going to pay. They will add up some web admin fee, service fee and all others fees to the total amount in the end. Traveloka App is very different in such a way that what you see is really what you get. So for example, I checked out a Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh flight and up to the payment section, it showed the price they offered on the first page.

Traveloka App
Traveloka App is very easy to use
Promos and deals for app users

We all love great deals right? Traveloka has regular promos and discounts that you can see on their Facebook Page or the landing page for the app. You just have to take note of the applicable promo codes and then key it in on the payment page. You will then see that the price was reduced. I’ve done this a lot of times especially on hotel bookings.

24/7 customer service

Problems will always arise no matter how great your planning is. With this, Traveloka has a 24/7 local speaking customer service wherever you are. Recently, we received some flight changes a day before our flight and after speaking with a customer service representative, everything was settled.

Various payment methods

I always use credit card for online transactions but there will always be that time when it will not work. As for this, we use the offline payment option and you will be given a certain amount of time to settle it on convenience stores and other reliable payment centers.

Traveloka App
Upfront fares and no hidden charges
Traveloka App is a one-stop travel booking app that saved us from the trouble of securing visa and such. We actually just saved a little bit on booking a flight rather than paying the visa fee but this means that we have more time to party in Bangkok. Traveloka App is perfect for budget-conscious travelers like us who always want to get great deals from all flights and hotels alike. Just try it, even just for once, and you’ll realize that traveling will be so much easier.

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