Thursday, June 7, 2018

How to Stay Sane on Long Road Trips

So, you’re heading off on a long road trip. There are a few reasons this could be happening, and it doesn’t have to be for anything significant these days; you could just want to head to a place to try some food you’ve always fancied!

Nevertheless, it’s important to be prepared. No one wants to go stir crazy while travelling, which is why we’ve got some super tips on how you can keep yourself sane on long road trips.

Tips for the travelling couples

1. Before you set off; who is driving?

If both of you are able to drive, then to make things fair, and easier mentally and physically, make sure you share the driving duties. Split it up evenly, and then there will be no arguments. Decide who’s behind the wheel first when you’re planning the trip at home.

2. Music makes the trip

If there’s one rule to adhere to, it’s making sure you’ve got some playlists that both of you can get down to! It’s not too much fun on long journey’s if you have to listen to Disney sing-alongs if you’re into thrash metal! Road trips are meant to be fun, and music is often the main focus of this.

3. Stick to the GPS

Resist temptation when you think ‘you been down this way before’ and stick to where the nice lady/man is telling you to go on the Sat Nav. Ignoring this is one of the biggest reasons for quarrels in the car, so stick to the plan.

4. If your companion is sleepy, let them snooze

As much of an eye-rolling moment it is, if your significant other is tired and needs to nap, then let them doze off (unless they’re driving!). If you’re sharing the driving duties, this is actually a pretty sound piece of advice as it will keep them alert and fresh behind the wheel.

It could well be worth taking a comfy pillow which you can find on sites like this one to snuggle into while you rest in the passenger seat to make naptime even more enjoyable!

Tips for the solo trippers travelling alone

1. Put a time limit on your drive time

Most people don’t frequent on long road trips, so the chances are that tiredness can set in a bit quicker. Remember, it’s not a race and you want to beat the monotony of motorway driving too, so stop every two hours or so and enjoy a 15-minute break in between.

2. Pre-empt the playlists 

With nobody else in the car to play DJ, if you want all your favourite tracks playing in the car while you drive, then you should make all your playlists before you set off. Get the tunes in, turn up the volume and don’t be tempted to touch your phone if it’s plugged into the stereo.

3. Use service stations

If you are travelling solo, it’s usually better to air on the side of caution and chose your stopping points to be service stations instead of any isolated rest areas. This is particularly poignant for female travellers. Also; service stations have snacks, which is the perfect reason to pull over!

4. Get your stretch on

Sitting in a car driving can get pretty uncomfortable after a while. So, when you’re on one of your 15-minute pitstops, let your muscles enjoy a nice little bit of stretching to loosen things up a bit – they’ll return the favour and make the journey comfier.

Tips for the travelling co-workers

1. Don’t talk shop

While this might well be unavoidable, try not to talk about work while you’re on the move. It could end in arguments, or someone feeling aggrieved. Instead, keep it light, make small talk if need be, and when it comes to work, keep it minimal.

2. Don’t pull rank

If you’re the person who’s the more senior position in the car, leave the shot calling to the office and keep it fair. Giving orders in a moving vehicle can be tedious. You want the journey to be as smooth as possible, so don’t go pulling rank on long trips.

3. Let the stops happen

If you have ever been in the car with someone who wants to shave off 5-10 minutes on a trip at the expense of letting someone pull over for a necessary stop, you’ll know how frustrating this is.

Simply put, if someone lets it be known they need to stop, then be cool and let it happen whenever convenient.

4. Less of the silent treatment

Sometimes it can be tricky to continually make conversation during long car trips, but that doesn’t mean that you should sit in silence the whole time. Try to make it as relaxing an experience as you can, and who knows, you might learn some interesting things about your co-workers.


  1. Allow me to add to this...... a good audio book is a perfect companion for long road trips too.

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