BOHOL: Chocolate Hills

Bohol ferry terminal
If you've been to Bohol and got no photos of the famous Chocolate Hills, then you've never been to Bohol. It is the most popular tourist spot in the province and a wonder in itself. 

like a postcard 
Our tour guide (kuya tatsky) fetched us at around 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning at the pier. After breaking the ice, he told us our itinerary for the day (12 spots countryside and panglao tour). It's drizzling that day, but he said that it's not foggy in the viewing deck of the Chocolate Hills. It's our first stop considering that it's the farthest among all the spots we're covering that day. 

It's a 2-hour drive from Tagbilaran city (that long because of the weather). When we reached the Choco complex it is raining but still, there are many tourists. Good thing he has umbrellas in his car. Entrance fee is 50 pesos for adults and I dunno how much for children. Our tour guide is very good in making deals with the checkers. He asked for a free entrance for the kids and they agreed. Nice.:)

the steps
At first, you will be overwhelmed by the steps that you have to conquer going up to the viewing deck. But going up with excitement kills all the fear in you. If you have second thoughts on using the stairs, you can use a handicapped aisle-like path on the other side. But people usually use this on their way down. 

here comes the sun..durum durum..
When we reached the top of the viewing deck, the rain stopped and the fog started to give way for a great view of the hills. It's picturesque. I mean, you won't believe that you're really there. It's as if you could touch and feel them.

There is a wishing well on the deck. You, of course, make a wish then throw a coin and ring the bell (yes, there's a bell..a big bell). After resting a while (due to the climb), you find a spot and enjoy the view and the fresh breeze. It's nice that it's not that hot during our visit. I'm thinking that the heat will burn your skin and pierce through it if it's really sunny. We're lucky! It's just right, it stopped raining and it's not that sunny. 

It's impossible for you to count all the hills. There are more or less 1,700 of them. Kuya tatsky told us that the Chocolate hills cover three towns in the province. And there's a German who researched about this natural wonder (yes, a foreigner). The questions were; How come trees don't grow on them? Why do they change color during wet and dry seasons? How are they really formed? I won't tell you the answers 'coz it would just kill the thrill of knowing it while you're there. You have to tour Bohol and get the service of Kuya tatsky for you to know the whole story of the Chocolate hills. :) Enjoy! 


  1. more eh noh!swap tayo next time..i will get kuya rj and you get kuya tatsky..hehehe..:)

  2. Lovely pictures! parang yung sa postcard lang nga! How I wish I could get my family there.


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