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There's no time to spare, right after our sumptuous lunch at the Loboc River Cruise, we headed to the Tarsier "Sanctuary". This one is just right beside the main highway. I dunno if this is the "sanctuary" I've read about in some blogs but what I'm expecting is a trail or something (it's really not good to expect), but it's not. The tarsiers are just enclosed in a 3 x 6 meter fence (estimation) with bushes inside it to imitate their natural habitat. I can't say for the "natural" part but nonetheless, the experience is amazing. 

We all know that tarsiers are nocturnal (they sleep during the day), so basically people are disturbing them during the day. Camera flash is prohibited 'coz it can cause blindness to these primates. People keep on waking them up to have a photo with them, that's really sad 'coz they look like really disturbed and deprived of sleep. But according to the caretakers, they are so accustomed to tourists that sometimes they even look at people's cameras to, I guess, smile.

We can't (and I don't want to) touch them, it's prohibited by the government of Bohol and the tourism authority. Before, people can touch them and such, but actually, it's not allowed. The operators had few warnings 'coz the government saw some videos of them allowing people to touch them. But if they were caught again, their license to operate will be at stake this time.


with her baby on her pouch (just like kangaroos)
These cute little creatures are just lovely. There are also flying lemurs and monkeys in the center.  Don't skip this part. There are many souvenir items in the area but it's more expensive than in other sites. I will tell you later on where to get the cheapest peanut kisses and t-shirts (not Island Souvenirs) in Bohol. ;p


  1. Tarsiers are just sooo adorable. Love the 1st photo, mukha syang grumpy! Hihi.

  2. they are really cute...nakakaawa lang kasi naiistorbo talaga sila...grumpy nga siya kasi inaantok ng matindi...haha

  3. Hi Blissful guro,

    Nice pics of the tarsier. B

    t I think you ended up going to the "fake" sanctuary. The real one (that you have referred to) is in Corrella, has a LOT of bushes and shrub, a small museum dedicated to the tarsier, and no other animals. Definitely no monkey in chains. There is also a part of the forest with a trail where you can walk and spot butterflies. he museum often has either Carlito Pizzaras - the tarsier man or his brother

    1. hi there david! this post was last year and yes... the place was kinda "fake".. i'll be featuring my recent bohol trip on my next post and I did visit the new "forest-y" sanctuary of the tarsiers :)


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