CEBU: Larsian Barbecue

ETA at Cebu? 6:50 p.m. What to do? Hmmmm... After looking for a decent place for the night, have a smoky dinner at Larsian.

Just hop in a cab and tell the driver Larsian and he will get you there in no time. Larsian barbecue is located in Fuente Osmena Circle in Cebu city. This has been one of the popular places to go to when in Cebu City. Even foreigners go here for a very unique dining experience.

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Larsian experience is just like "Dampa" experience in Manila. There are different stalls around the area that you can choose from. After that, you get to choose some meat that you want and while they are grilling it, they will guide you on the designated long tables that are assigned to that particular stall. They will give you a free soup for starters. Rice are wrapped in a "suman-like" wrapper and are called pu-so (accent on the so). Each pu-so is like 3 spoonfuls of rice. Pu-so is very widely used in Cebu and even with streetfood.

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The servers will automatically give you 20 pu-so and they will just count how many you consumed after you eat (in our case we finished 19)There are pork barbecue, chicken barbecue (all parts), pork tocino, chorizo, isaw, pork and chicken liver, gizzard, fish, etc. The price range is from P8 to P40 per meat. 

yummy chicken barbecue

Here's the catch, they don't serve spoons and forks. Almost everything here is disposable. The plate is covered with plastic and they have plastic cups (bad for mother nature, I know.). And what about the utensils? They will just give each one of you a plastic bag and you have to cover your hands with it. They also serve condiments (soy sauce, calamansi, chili).

All in all, our bill was 272 pesos. Not bad for 5 persons. The food is tasty and it's a nice experience. You just have to get use in the smoky environment that you will all be heading to the shower afterwards. 


  1. inferness, enjoy ako jan sa Larsian! deadma na sa Carcinogens! ^_^

  2. korek!ang mura pa dba?!mausok nga lang pero keber..tas effort pa yung rice..haha

  3. pilgrim center ang tawag dun sa teh staduim, yung nasa harap ng basilica. jan iraraos palagi yung friday mass. official mass day ng sto. nino de cebu.

  4. oh...okai...thanks to you, di kita ma acknowledge kasi "anonymous" ka...i'll update my blog..thanks sooo much!:)


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