BOHOL: Baclayon Church

After meeting Prony the python and his friend Marimar, we headed straight to the Baclayon Church. And just because there are way too many tourists around we decided to just have our photo ops outside the Church.

see it?
Kuya tatsky instructed us to go to a specific spot for the photo session. After that, he showed us the preview of the photo and asked if we see an image on the upper right corner. And we asked him who they think it was, and he said that people regard it as Padre Pio. We're like "Oh...". I asked "Sino 'yun?". I'm not a Roman Catholic so I really don't have any idea who he was. It was really sad to skip the church and the museum, but there will be more time, next time.

So we went on with the tour until we saw this...

look at the ramp way in the middle of the sea
Kuya said that this is the place where Cesar Montano proposed to Sunshine Cruz (showbiz?!) haha. Unfortunately, I didn't have a clearer photo. Nonetheless, we were thrilled by this fact. :)

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