BOHOL: Hinagdanan Cave

Right after our trip to Baclayon Church, we went to Hinagdanan Cave. While on our way, my friend said, "Wala nang tatalo sa Sagada!". So I said, "Oh, okai, eh di maiwan ka na lang sa car!". And then we laughed. I'm not really a "cave/ mountain person". So it doesn't excite me. Really. I've trekked the Jungle trail and have seen the Palawan's Underground River and I think that suffices my "cave experience" for the rest of my life. 

We reached the area and immediately saw the stores around it. Selling anything and everything for tourists. Kuya tatsky said that if we are planning to buy t-shirts (not the Islands Souvenirs) it's cheaper here than in other sites. You have to pay 15 pesos for entrance (kids are free) and each group will be toured by its own guide. Ours was Jason. This 18-year-old kid (nasanay na ko sa mga estudyante ko), who really knows his craft, is a genius. Funny is an understatement. His remarks are so hilarious that we felt that the cave echoed only our laughters. He will tell you the history of the said cave and how it was found. (Mas ayos 'pag 'di ko kinwento kasi pamatay excitement 'pag pumunta kayo tas alam nyo na dba?) And how the name came from "hagdan" because of the rope ladders they used before. 

We headed down the stairs sideways and constantly looking out for rocks. Jason said (in his Visayan-Tagalog way), "Ingat na lang baka mauntog sa mga bato, sayang ang mga bato!". haha. Ang kulit! 

During our visit, there were only three groups inside the cave. He will first tell you that he will also be your "official photographer" inside and will get your cameras (in our case, two cameras). The first thing you'd notice is Jason's (or all of the guides) familiarity of cameras- any camera for that matter. He will even show you how to manually set your camera to shoot in low light situations. He's a pro! (I remembered that photography was one of my major subjects in college and I don't remember much 'coz we only used SLR back then) Okai I digress, we really love Jason!

cave paintings?
There were swallow birds in the ceiling of the cave. We all know the (in)famous nido soup right? No bats so it's not that stinky inside. But it's hot! Imagine many tourists exploring and all the carbon dioxide emitted? Well, there were also cave paintings (not petroglyphs) and believed that it was painted centuries ago when it was not yet discovered. I dunno, pero, I've seen the Angono petroglyphs and it's "authenticity". I am like questioning these paintings. I dunno. Kunsabagay, 'di naman painting 'yung sa Angono, inukit. Too much digression again. Hehe. 

the hole where they put rope ladders before
Directed by Jason. haha
The cave is well-lit but before, there were only two sources of natural light coming from the holes. These holes were the only way the people could enter the cave before.  

the "swimming pool"
They used rope ladders just to reach the area where they frequented, the "swimming pool". This pool is a a combination of salt and fresh water. It rises during high tide. Try to take a dip and you will feel the coolness and see the clearness of the water. 

The Hinagdanan cave is a nice experience when you haven't been into one, ever! If not for Jason, our guide, this experience will be forgettable. Ask for Jason if you're visiting the cave. Experience is best when it is shared. And sharing it with Jason is really, really wonderful.

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