Quezon City: La Mesa EcoPark

What: A wedding
Where: La Mesa Ecopark- Narra Pavilion
When: April 29, 2011- 11:00 a.m.
Attire: Anything white or pink

Whew! Everytime I receive a wedding invitation I immediately look at the attire decorum and I was so relieved to see that it would be a garden wedding thus, it doesn't have to be a "formal thing". Although the thought of me wearing a pink dress was kinda alarming. haha.

At my age (which is 27 and I'm still not ashamed, still... haha), I have been into numerous weddings. From families, friends, co-workers and to weddings of people I'm not even acquainted with. Sorry but I really don't like weddings (I hate conformity and restrictions) but then, I love how two people commit themselves to each other for like, forever?

Ok, so a co-teacher invited me to her wedding, she was 24 by the way. It was a garden wedding at the La Mesa Ecopark (the couple only paid 5,000 pesos for 5-hour use of the pavilion). I have been there once and never thought that you could hold such gatherings there (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Metro Manila)

It was a gloomy Friday, the wedding was set at 11:00 a.m. We (I'm with a friend who loves to crash weddings) were there at around 10:30 a.m. We were kinda early (and hungry), good thing we saw a fishball stand and ate some fish. haha

And so, the wedding...Not the royal wedding huh.

the bride and her father
bubbly flower girl
tired ring bearer
stage mommy
It was a nice wedding, although it drizzled a bit during the ceremony. We strolled around the park after the ceremonies. My friend was so amazed with the trees. haha. 

we weren't able to reach the top (for a good view of the dam) because it rained when we're halfway through it.
yes kuya, it is what you think it is
trees everywhere

So there. It rained and ruined our "trip" but we had fun. There's a fee for the park itself and separate fees for the activities inside. There's no parking fee. Check the rates below. 

By the way, if you happen to be around the area, try to check the amenities. There are different activities inside the park. There's biking, boating, fishing, swimming, zip line, gardening, wall climbing, rapelling, arts for the kids or just plain chilling at the park. You can bring your own picnic stuff and rent a cabana for the whole day. 

Pink na sa'kin 'to...
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Sarah - 09062234125
Dong - 09159013772

General Inquiries - 09293811392


  1. wedding excited me, but attending weddings - NO! specially pag friend's wedding. sus, stressful! haha

    but ofcors, better to hit the aisle before getting preggy =)

  2. ang ganda ng nagbabantay sa fees. :)

  3. bakit ka naman nasstress?ako ang ayoko yung tossing of bouquet tapos tatawagin lahat ng single ladies... arrgh! tapos kahit ayaw mo pipilitin ka talaga. hehe. korek! kasal muna bago preggy, lalo na sa work ko noh! bawal ang nabuntis ng di kasal... hehe.. pero may magna carta na ata eh..

  4. @james- naispatan mo pa 'yun? hahahaha... hahanapan nga kita, ano ba specs mo? marami akong single friends...hehe

  5. love the pic w/ the bubbles. =)
    i miss attending weddings, simply bec i miss dressing up.
    i dnt know na pede pala weddings sa la mesa eco park, nice! thanks for sharing! =)

  6. hi gael! close?! hehe... i like dressing up too, sometimes, pero di ko trip yung ere ng pormalan... hehe... ang kasalan sa ecopark eh parang opisina lang, 8-5 p.m. lang pwede, so walang night wedding...:)

  7. waaaahhhh La Mesa EcoPark is really beautiful. at ang lapit lang nito sakin, less than 15 minutes away including traffic na yan ha. my friends enjoyed their visit here almost two years ago. mas lalo pang gumanda ngayon.

  8. hi there jerik! i envy you, i wanna go to japan too! ;p ganda nga ng ecopark. padami ng padami ang activities. saya! sarap mag-unwind.

  9. hi. gusto ko po malaman ang wedding reception rate nila with catering na. naghahanap kc ko ng affordable pero mgndang place for my wedding reception.. im from qc lapit ln ako sa eco park.. gusto malaman buong deatails sa price sa ecopark para sa wedding reception.. papakasal kc ko this coming december at nagagahol n ko for the wedding reception..medyo kulang kc budget para sa mga mahal na restau at hotel..

  10. Hi Carla! It's me! waaah i'm so touched ni-blog mo ang wedding ko pala. syempre hindi pa ako blogger that time, at ang first blog ko about my wedding but it's not yet comprehensive. Anyways, thank you for inspiring me to make my own blog too... and for helping me to improve my blog :)


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