Bacolod-Silay Airport

It was a stormy Thursday when we (me and a friend) went to Negros Occidental. The Bacolod-Silay airport was our gateway to Western Visayas. It was a 1 hr and 10 mins. ride from NAIA Terminal 3. It was a relatively new airport and the old one was located at the Bacolod City proper. We arrived at around 5:00 a.m. and thank goodness I made a research ahead of the trip.

I learned that the new airport was 2 towns away from Bacolod City (Silay-Talisay-Bacolod) and the easiest, fastest and the cheapest (for us) way for us to get to Bacolod was to ride the shuttle service for 100 pesos each, although the cheapest would be commuting by riding a tricycle from the airport and jeepney to Bacolod. 

There are cab services for hire, 500 pesos minimum, but it was way too expensive for the two of us and regular metered cabs were not on the scene that time. So we opted to ride the van instead. You won't miss the shuttle van station because it is strategically located 15 meters away (estimation) from the arrival area. 

All the people inside the van spoke Ilonggo/Hiligaynon. We were told that we will be dropped off at the SM Bacolod. But we noticed that people made arrangements with the driver to drop them off at certain areas. When we were the only people left inside the van, he asked us and we said we need to go to the port going to IloIlo. He obliged and gave us a few tips on what ferry to take.  

Going back to the airport (after our trip), we went to SM Bacolod for the scheduled shuttle van service. It is located beside the SM Supermarket. It will not take long for the van to be full. Although there are schedules, the driver told us that once the van is full, he can go to the airport even ahead of the schedule. Furthermore, if the van isn't full and he thinks that we all need to go to catch the flight, he will proceed sacrificing few seats. Again, it's a 100-peso ride each to the airport. 


  1. P500 sa taxi, ang mahal. mukhang shuttle van na rin kami papunta ng hotel.

  2. yes dear dahil medyo malayo talaga ang airport sa city mismo, ang ok pa sa van eh kahit saan pwede ka magpababa :)

  3. It save time nad money but it also needs proper plan as instant hire will demand more charge so thik what have to do...

  4. Is the shuttle going back to the airport like at 4am for 6am flight available at sm bacolod?


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