Guisi Beach

I really love the beach. I have this long time love affair with it. I love how the sound of the waves puts me to sleep. I love to lie down on its vast shore with the possibility of falling asleep. I love to star gaze. And of course, I love to swim. That's why I really make it a point that every opportunity to travel is also a chance to visit any nearby beach. 
I remembered how traumatized I was when some of my uncles just mercilessly threw me out of an outrigger boat in the middle of the South China Sea (which is apparently West Philippine Sea as of this moment). I shouted for help and cried while gasping for air and fighting to get out of that situation. I struggled while they laughed at me. I remembered every detail of that moment. I learned many things from that situation but the most important thing was - I learned how to swim (the hard and old school way.) I was 7 years old during that time. I digress...

Going to Guisi beach of the Guimaras island-province is literally a pain in the ass. Bumpy road is such an understatement especially when riding a tricycle. But once there, it will all be worth it. We were there at around 3 p.m. with the sun playing hide and seek with us. During that time, we owned the beach. No tourists, no locals - just us. The whole stretch - just ours. The decision on which beach (Alubihod and Guisi) to stay to became very easy at that moment.

I wandered around the beach, it started to drizzle that time so I found myself stuck in one of the nipa hut cabanas of the resort. I wanted to swim but I restrained myself - due to heavy rainfall and wild waves. The sky cleared before the night falls and I took the time to check out the area. 

The only criterion for me to say that the beach is REALLY good is that it must be "swimmable". I don't like beaches that you have to go further (like 2 kms. walk) for you to really swim. Guisi beach passed this part. I dunno if it's because of the typhoon but the beach is "swimmable".

One thing I noticed was that the sand was not that fine and I'm comparing it to the Alubihod beach (Raymen side) though both have an ivory-creamed tone of sand. But the Guisi beach has a longer stretch of shoreline while I felt that Alubihod's beach is limited (with a shorter shoreline and nets on the beach - for safety purposes I guess.)

Overall, I really liked the Guisi beach just because of its seclusion and serenity. I dunno if it's because of the stormy weather or off-peak season but I wish it stays the same when I come back. 


  1. wow guimaras!

    girl, sama ka sa anilao. id love to meet you!

  2. Uy thanks for this. Ganda ng mga pictures mo. I'll be checking on your site once in a while for my iloilo trip pag malapit na. hihihi!

  3. hi kuracha! actually, wala ako masyadong post sa iloilo kasi jump-off point lang namin yun to guimaras, hehe... pero gusto ko rin i-explore ang iloilo-capiz-antique... yun ang i-target mo!

  4. Miss ko na talaga ang beach! Maganda din daw sa Antique. :)

  5. hi marx! oo nga daw maganda sa antique! kakamiss talaga ang beach noh?

  6. wow guimaras!! love your shots. naexcite naman ako mag-november na kasi pupunta din kami dyan by then.. for you ano po mas better? alubihod or guisi? survey lang para punta po namin dyan lam na namin kung san..

  7. hi there joan! for me guisi beach talaga. pag nag tour naman kayo madadaanan nyo raymen side then guisi. pag raymen napili nyo ihahatid din naman kayo pabalik eh...enjoy guimaras!


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