Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort - Guimaras

After our Guimaras countryside tour, we went to check out a resort in the Guisi beach area. We already saw the Raymen's resort during the tour and we felt that we need a more serene place.

Clearwater resort to the left and Kenyama resort to the right
the trek
Kuya Gerald (our driver/tour guide/photographer) led us to one of the few resorts in the place - the Clearwater beach resort (the other one by the way is the Kenyama beach resort which is located in an uphill part but they share the same shoreline.) We didn't bother to check Clearwater's facilities anymore 'coz when we heard their fan room rate of 700 pesos per room we just agreed right away. 

Clearwater is a simple beach front resort. It has nipa hut type cabanas in front with a good view of the beach and the Guisi lighthouse. It has a common bathroom and toilet for the twin and quad sharing rooms. It has a store where you can buy stuff that you might just need 'coz the accommodation doesn't include anything - no towels, soaps, shampoo, etc. We also saw some men working on some improvements on the resort. There's this countryside feel in the place especially when you hear the caretakers speak their native language.

Clockwise from top:  hallway, common area, aircon room, non-aircon room,  common area, stairs leading to the  rooms
We then found out that we were the only ones who will be staying for that night. We "owned" the resort and the beach that time. The "manager" asked us if what do we want to eat for dinner and we said that we ain't be eating 'coz we were full (and we've got breads and some stuff to eat.) A typical meal costs 90 pesos per person. We asked if we can buy drinking water and some hot water (we also have 3-in-1 coffees with us), they gave it right away and told us that they will just add it to our bill. We had coffee and bread that night while chilling on their nipa hut cabanas. We noticed that the "manager" went home and we were left with two men acting as the caretakers/workers on the resort. They were nice and were available when we need them (maybe because we were the only guests).  

nipa hut cabanas
more cabanas
When we woke up the next morning, we asked if they can serve breakfast for us. They obliged and I had Tosilog with coffee that morning (Longganisa for my friend). We even saw them cooking it in a firewood stove.The meal costs 80 pesos each and I think it's a bit pricey for its bland taste. 

When it's time for us to check out we asked for our bill. And while Kuya Gerald was waiting for us (we asked him to fetch us - 500 pesos for that), we saw that our bill was 990 pesos. Here's the breakdown;

700 pesos for the room
160 pesos for the breakfast (for two)
30 pesos for the 500 ml. mineral water
100 pesos for the corkage fee

I then asked the "manager" for the corkage fee 'coz we didn't bring any food with us but she said that we didn't had our dinner last night so they thought that we brought in food. Maybe they saw the bread we had last night. I didn't bother to argue with her anymore, I just gave her the payment and thanked them for everything.

my breakfast; Tosilog with coffee - 80 bucks
waiting for my breakfast
The Clearwater beach resort is a no fuss/no frills kind of resort. Here's the thing, if you're a sucker for room service and first class accommodation then Clearwater resort is not for you. But if you're after the beach and the exclusivity of the place, regardless of the accommodation, then go ahead and book there. 

they just found this monkey on the resort's premises one morning
lukso ng dugo?!

Good thing was that we owned the resort and the beach during our 19-hour stay. The Clearwater's beach front resort (I believe) will be better after the renovations and you might wanna say hello to a very friendly monkey there for me. For inquiries about the contact numbers just e-mail me.


  1. ay andaya may corcage fee kahit tinapay lang? =P

  2. nakakaing-git talaga....ganda nang mga susunod pwede rin kayong pumunta sa cebu beach resorts para ma experience nyo ang kakaiba sa cebu..:)

  3. Wow! I like the photos!!! Teka.. edited po ba mga to? Kasi linaw ng kuha plus yung shade nya parang medyo inedit but ok naman dahil di obvious.. guess ko lang ha? Lightroom nga ba? Dahil yan ang ginagamit ng most photographers. :-)

    Great blog nga pala. :-) Please visit and feature Dumaguete din..

  4. @christian - ewan ko ba kung ano basehan nila ng corkage fee...

    @helena - ok po next time

    @clearwater - i only adjusted the contrast but didn't use lightroom or whatsoever dahil di po ako marunong niyan :)

  5. Hi,

    We are planning to visit this place next month but I can't seem to find their contact number. It would be great to have their full details to help with my planning. Do you have one?

    Thank you very much!

    1. hi there danielle, the resort is not that convenient in terms of the but if you're the type who don't really care here's their number;

      Guisi Clearwater Resort - 0919.563.6688

      Try to look for Kenyama Resort as well.


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