Batu Feringghi in Penang

After my mom's crazy shopping spree at Gurney plaza and Georgetown, we went to Batu Feringgi/Ferringhi for some sun, sea and sand action. And according to Penang City map;

BATU FERINGGI - Batu Feringgi is one of Penang's most popular beaches and has drawn tourists over the years to its sandy banks. Along the winding stretch of beach, you will find a host of attractions from ocean sports, parasailing, horse riding and even a nigh bazaar!

You can hire a taxi cab going there or ride the Rapid Penang bus with numbers 101 and 102. 

We first went to Craft Batik store where we saw how a batik was made. They use the wax-resist technique of producing batik (art teacher eh?!). They first dip the moulds in wax then stamp it into the cloth. After that they paint the whole cloth with their desired color (overlapping the wax). When it is dry, they will remove the wax - revealing the stamped design. Nice eh? In the older days, people manually painted the wax all over the cloth. Good thing they have moulds now (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Penang).

not a batik - hand-painted
Next was a fishing village along the road. We stopped by to see how they catch shrimps and other stuff there - it's the same as how we do it here. There were also some local eateries there if you wanna try one.

fishing stuff
And then we went to the Golden Sands Beach Resort to have a drink. We ordered cocktails (mocktails for my mom) and while they chatted, I went around to see the beach action there.

the bar
the group

First thing I noticed was that people don't usually hang around the beach area. If you wanna take a dip, there are lots of swimming pools around but no one was in the beach to swim or whatever. They go there if they want to have some adrenaline rush and heart pumping activities like parasailing, riding a jetski, beach volleyball and other stuff. I guess it's because their beach is not as clear as ours. And the sand was so course and dusty. 

Baywatch tower

jetski and parasailing activities

I also met some English kids who are living in Penang with their mom and dad for two years now. They've also been into different countries because their parents are drama and acting teachers in International schools around the globe. They told me that they really like Penang out of all the countries they've been to.

Then I saw a snake charmer practicing with his partner along the shore. Even though I'm far from there, I can feel and hear the sound from the been/pungi (the flute-like instrument he's holding). The man was a perfectionist. Everytime he plays his pungi and the snake didn't dance "properly" or "accordingly", he would tap its head and place it back into the basket.

snake charmer in Batu Feringgi
It was 7:10 p.m. when I first felt the dusky sky. It was time for us to retire after a very long day around Penang. It was a very nice first day and thank goodness it didn't rain during the day. When we came home it rained so hard and it capped off our first day in Penang.

sunset at 8 pm


  1. although i cannot blame the many tourists and locals who fell in love with batu ferringi, i am with you in stating that our beaches back home are far beautiful that they have here.

    sorry po, pag pinoy ata talagang mataas ang standards. do you agree, maam carla?

  2. mas okay talaga dito..siyempre biased tayo pero iba talaga siguro pag sa sariling bansa..:)

  3. I agree with you, there weren't many folks hanging out on the beach when we went there, perhaps it's more crowded on weekend.

  4. hi claire! we were there on a friday... or maybe people hang out there in the morning or i dunno..:)

  5. hi teacher. thanks for this photos. not that appealing nga when you've been to the beaches here. sige, we'll skip this on our penang tour. :P

  6. teacher talaga calvin? hehe... pwede siguro kayo dumaan saglit kasi malapit lang naman sa batik factory and toy museum (although we didn't go here) so quick stop lang dba? isang bus ride lang naman eh :)


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