Teacher's Day 2011

Apparently, I have a day - Teacher's day. UNESCO declared October 5 as the World Teacher's Day since 1994. So where am I yesterday? Our school has this yearly "surprise treat" for the teachers. Manicure, pedicure, massage and food galore for this one special day. The kids particularly spend so much time making letters and other tokens of appreciation for their teachers. But this year I missed everything. I was assigned to accompany a student in a poster- making contest at the Quezon City Hall (sponsored of course by the Quezon City government). 

I am the coach for art competitions outside the school. I have to choose one student and accompany him/her to the contest. We were there at around 8:00 a.m. and the public schools in Quezon City have their representative - one participant each school for Elementary and High School level. 

find your own spot
It started at 9:00 a.m. and they have 3 hours to finish their artwork (usually it's 4 hours). The materials were provided by the city government. We were also given two meals that day (breakfast and lunch). The theme given was "Lungsod ko, Dangal ko" . 

So after 3 hours, the students submitted their artworks and it was judged by some employees from the Engineering Department of Quezon City. 

the artworks
While the judging was being held, a coach from another school asked me, "Paano ba mag-judge ng artwork?",  I answered, "Depende sa judge". He laughed. 

the winner
My kid didn't win. She was down but I told her that it was ok, that the most important part was that she enjoyed the experience and expressed herself in her own way.

No special treats, no dance performances, no fireworks, no song number - just me and my student in a contest. The best way to celebrate Teacher's Day right?


  1. right!
    heartfelt post, di ko tuloy maimagine kung sino yung carla na kasama ko sa anila! ^_^

  2. haha... kakatuwa ka chyng! parehong ako yun... you have to see me in a classroom para mas ma-define mo pa ako lalo... :)

  3. Happy teacher's day Carla! Mwah! Dakilang dakila ka ah. hihih! natawa ko sa comment ni chyng. Sorry girl pero I second the motion. hahah! Pwede ba maki-sit in sa class mo? =)

  4. salamat car! sige sit in kayo minsan para magulat kayo sa iba't-ibang pagkatao ko...hehehe

  5. Happy teacher's day din Carla! Haha! c Chyng tlga..pa sit in din! Ganda ng artworks nila, nice shots...

  6. thanks gladys! galing nila noh? kakabilib...

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  8. i super love this teach... belated

  9. carla, you don't have any idea how my heart was smiling while reading this post!

    it took me back in my years in high school when i was a constant winner in monthly themed-poster making and bulletin board display in our school in marikina.

    without a doubt, you're doing a great job with your students. tangible proofs are their works! genuinely creative! kudos to you carla! happy belated teachers' day to us! cheers!

    ps : makes me really want to meet you. pa-autograph naman!

  10. matatawa sayo niyan c chyng doc dahil pag nakilala mo ako in person eh ibang-iba...haha, may iba't-ibang personalties?! di naman...best of both worlds lang..:)

  11. One of the best post i saw here. Keep it going! Thank you


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