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As you have read in my recent Anilao trip post, I joined an open trip and met new friends. And I learned so much from this trip. About unique personalities and more about me when I'm with other people. A little background first...It was just this year that I discovered that there's more to traveling, so I started my personal blog after reading chyng reyes' blog. Her blog is so readable (sobrang gaan basahin) and inspired me to start my own. I also remembered that she was the first one to ever comment on a blogpost. That was an affirmation on how she was not only as a blogger but as a person.

lesgow girls
I tagged along a friend on this trip. We've been friends for quite sometime. Almost 15 years now. We were high school buddies and we were inseparable then. I consider her one of my closest friends (I only have a few). We're the type of friends that even if we don't see each other often (she works abroad), the bond is still there. It's seems like we regularly hang out but we really get to bond every other year only. Meet Saids.

Then there's Rona and Maricar ( They were Chyng's former workmates. Two very different ladies but clicked anyway. They were our room mates so we spent the down times chatting and laughing together. We even played tong-its, nanay-tatay and other silly stuff from our childhood.

Pam and Kath ( from Iligan City. Two young ladies exploring the Metro. First-timers in Manila and enjoying the "freedom" from what-should's and what-should-not's. They were reserve at first (or maybe I'm just loud) but the 1-2-3 pass games paved way for more revelations from the two lass. 

Then there's the soloista Gladys ( She came solo and she slept in the van from Manila to Batangas. Extra quiet (or maybe again, I'm super loud) but played very well in the jenga game. She never toppled down the tower - ever. Galing! But when it comes to honesty during Truth or Dare - ikaw na! Kabog lahat. We really appreciate the honesty Gladys.

And of course, Chyng. Where do I begin? Hmm... I rehearsed many opening lines prior to meeting her but it didn't come out at all. It was so natural that when she came inside the fast food's door (I definitely recognized her but I dunno if she did recognize me) she immediately went into our table and made beso. She even whispered "It was nice to finally meet you." 

Traveling with Chyng is like traveling with your family. You don't have to be someone else when you're with her - no pretentions. She's so nice and very accommodating. Every moment was a learning experience. I really loved her company.

Traveling with bloggers (strangers), on the other hand, is quite a very unique experience. It was a first for me. I enjoyed being with them and here's hoping that it won't be the last time that we see each other. 

After more than 24 hours of laughter, fun and getting-to-know's, it was time to go home and face the reality. But before heading home, we had this photo ops with Chyng (mga fans?!). We also played another round of jenga after. It was fun!

'di na umalis si chyng diyan
my turn
boat ride

Experience is meant to be shared. Everytime I think about Anilao I'll think about these girls. These 7 unique souls. See you when I see you guys! 


  1. Chyng is an inspiration. Kaya din ako nagstart mag-blog dahil sa kanya! Naalala ko pa nung nasa outreach para kaming na-sstarstruck nung friend ko sa kanya and pa-picture talaga kami! Hehehe! :)

  2. That trip looks awesome. And what is that game you're playing? It looks cool, like a demented building.

    Fickle Cattle

  3. hi marx! apir tayo diyan! :)

    @fickle - it's jenga :)

  4. aaww.. i-link ko nga to sa blog ko. ^_^

    im happy naman na i accidentally inspired you to blog. sabi ko naman sa inyo, when i started blogging wala din akong readers. hehe kaya it's payback time. all the way ang support ko sa mga kakastart lang in blogosphere. everyone just needs a break. ang galing mo nga kasi pasok ka agad sa circle..

    and im happy all of you enjoyed. pasensha na talaga nakatulog ako, langya. haha

    --di ko kinaya yung nagrehearse ka pa ng opening line. but seriously, ang awesome ng personality mo. tama si maricar, kala ko din lahat ng teacher galit sa maingay. ^_^ wish to travel with you sa december! no kiddin' yan..

  5. carla, halos 2 beses pa lang kami lumabas ni chyng, una sa photo-food trip walk sa binondo, tapos sa dinner sa gumbos sa moa. we constantly communicate and have been keeping common blogger-friends (my best friend of 19 years has been his buddy too) pero matapos ang post o tribute mo na ito para sa kanya--
    isa ng alamat si chyng! :)

  6. one of the most influential bloggers, Chyng! hehe..nahiya nga ko jan nung bigla nag comment saken. grabe. first time exp. un..anyweys, I enjoy reading ur post about that Anilao..

  7. hi there i'm sure you don't know me haha can't help but comment since si chyng lang din una pumansin sa blog ko and im super touched!!! hahaha

    chyngs blog roll brought me to yours ^_^ will follow your blog too

  8. @chyng - nag rehearse talaga ako noh! haha...di bagay sakin...woohoo! december it is!

    @doc gelo - alamat talaga eh noh?! chyng oh...alamat daw... pero ang gaan talaga kasama di ba doc? parang yung blog niya ang gaan din...

    @mitch - influential talaga noh?at inspirational...parang self-help book section ng national bookstore, hehe..kailangan talaga i connect dun?!

    @manoy and ninay - magugulat ka na lang at magco-comment siya dba? at siya ang una! yan ang isa sa mga tanong ko nung nagkita kami...malalaman mo yan pag nag-meet kayo personally...

  9. naks naman may tumi-tribute. Great! Hindi na ko magugulat kung makikita ko si chyng na sinasabitan ng sampaguita sa kalye. hahah! Celeb na celeb! Influential talaga siya. I'm proud she became my friend before her blogging career. May potential talaga siya sumikat promise. =)

  10. natatawa ako maricar kasi parang naririnig ko boses mo habang binabasa ko comment mo..:)

  11. hahahha same here, naiimagine ko boses nyo! videoke na yan!

    -- to mitch and ninay, obvious na blog hop galore ako ^_^

  12. ang saya!! astig yung shot nyo sa bangka ah hehe

  13. Astig nga yan si Chyng. Inspiring. Tuwing binabasa ko yung blog niya sinisipag ako magblog. :)

  14. Of course! Thanks talaga Chyng, di na ata mabilang na inspire mo to blog. Being the soloista sa trip natin, kahit may kaba, alam kong you'll take care of us and hindi ako nagkamali. Super good decision talaga to join the trip and finally meeting you and may bonus pa, meeting the rest of the loka loka's! Sama ako sa Dec! :p

  15. @chyng - onga videoke na yan! sino ba may birthday? hehe

    @christian - masaya rin nga talaga pag puro babae minsan..

    @josiah - inspiring nga talaga

    @gladys - grabe naman yun loka loka?! malamang di ako kasama dun? hehe


    I also like Chyng's blog. Naalala ko nagpapasama nga ako sa kanya sa Calaguas sana.


  17. si chyng din una nagcomment sakin ever :)

  18. ate di ka nagoosa na maging inspiration si ate chyng! Siya din rason y I started blogging and travelling as well.

    1. yes! at in fairness, ang mga readers niya eh iisa lang ang trip. promise! sama ka minsan vash pag nag-invite siya :)

  19. Ms Chyng is the reason behind din how I started in blogger and the concept of being a travel/personal blogger. Nakakainspire kasi yung mga kwento, gala at lalo na ang mga litratong kuha mula sa iba't ibang lugar na napuntahan na nya. She was my first commentator na Pinoy. Lucky you girls who finally met, traveled and bonded with Ms Chyng!

    1. hi gracie! i know some people who went on blogging because of chyng. siya din ang unang nag-comment sa'kin. galing. maybe you might wanna join her on her next open trip... :)

  20. Ako, I started blogging because of blissfulguro. I accidentally saw your blog during my trip in bohol. After that, I saw chyng because of you, (your about me portion) then i visited yung blog nya. And its true, ang gaan nga basahin. Bet na bet yung feel good blogging only. Teacher din ako kaya like na like ko yung blog mo, I learned a lot in our profession. Sana (its a dream) na makita ko kayo both sa road. I am really hoping


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