On Trishaws, Rickshaws, Becas and Pedicabs

Whichever you want to call it, they're all the same - either pulled by someone or a type of tricycle to carry passengers on a "for hire" basis. I've seen loads of these around Penang but usually not for local people, they cater to tourists who want to tour around Georgetown. Take note on how they pimp their ride.  
national flag
classic white
pink one in the trash bin
plastic cover
rainbow brite


  1. We rode one of those colorful and elaborately decorated pedicabs when we were in Penang. It's kinda more for tourist but we didn't care, we've been walking for hours and it was a relief to ride one and we were able to cover more ground in Georgetown :)

  2. thanks gladys!

    hi claire! i didn't ride one 'coz it's expensive (for me) pero sayang kasi di ko man lang na-experience, pagbalik ko nalang... :)

  3. Lol @ Christian "pekeng bulaklak". I love the first one, I guess I'm one of those na mahilig sa pekeng bulaklak. Haha.

  4. hi docgelo! naaliw din ako sa mga payong nila..:)

    @ christian - oo nga, pansin ko din yun!

    @gay - at yun talaga ang napansin ni christian eh noh? hehe


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