On anniversaries

I never really had an anniversary on anything (does birthdays count?). My intimate relationships don’t have one. I was never married so wedding anniversary is totally out of the question. But this will be my first one. My anniversary on blogging/sharing my thoughts. My first blogsary (who actually coined that?). It was this same day last year that I engaged myself in a world where I can be me – or so I thought.

On journals

I have a journal. The old school one. It’s not necessarily an everyday thing but I try to really keep it updated. Words, doodles, poems and all my whatevers are there. It always has been my security blanket and I haven’t had time to backread – maybe this summer. I have a weird cursive handwriting so even if I leave it anywhere, no one would understand a word. I've commissioned a friend to hid it inside my casket when it’s time for me to leave this world.  I’ve been keeping one since 5th grade. I have 18 journals to date. All are in its perfect condition except for one – my 2006 blue journal. It was September 2006 when the typhoon Milenyo hit Metro Manila very bad. Because of my careless ways, I left it on our rooftop and reached its way to the drain. I was so sad, mad and broken at that time. I am not a sentimental person but it hit me really hard. My January to September 2006 was undocumented. It will now be hard to sell my awesome life to a writer. Our helper was so puzzled and she remarked, "Eh 'di isulat mo na lang ulit". I laughed all day.

On blogging

It all started with a research about a trip. Just a little background, I am not a techie person thus, I dunno (and don’t even wanna know) how to start anything that has to do with computers, its peripherals and the internet. Google was my bestfriend before and it brought me to a lot of sites and stuff (you know the drill). Then it brought me to the blog of Chyng Reyes. It opened my idle and not-so-techie-ish mind to the world of blogging. I asked a couple of my friends on the basics of starting my own blog (with them mocking me that blogging is so 100 years ago). It was really a challenge for me to start my own blog. But then again, everything and everyone started somewhere right?

I had hesitations at first. Who wants to know my story? Is my life that interesting? Or would someone actually read my site? I still dunno. But hey, it's been a year now!

On clandestine 

Only my mom, my brother and my beau knows about my blog (but only my beau knows the URL). I often tell them about what I write about but never did they ask the exact site. My friends don’t even know that I’m keeping one (3 of them accidentally browsed it and asked if it’s really mine). I designed it that way so that I could care less of what they think about it (not that I’m trying to please them) and focus on my own thing ‘coz people who would bash me won’t hurt a thing, they don't know me right? (I won’t even go to tackling about my grammar and syntax deficiencies – I often use my right side of the brain so language is so not my thing). I refer blissfulguro as my alter ego.

One year. It’s been that long since I started this brou-ha-ha of mine. It was never my intent to gather readers, much less a follower (thanks for the 27 people – oh by the way, four of those were just bogus followers made by my beau).

To Ms. Chyng Reyes – 
thank you so much (you know why).

To all the blogs/bloggers I read – 
thanks for the inspiration and the lack of (that's why I made my own).

To my 27 followers (technically 23) – 
thank you for the space in your inbox, and for actually reading my posts. 
To all those who hated my blog design aesthetics 
and some (2-3 people) who were just plainly haters – 
thank you and bring it on.

And to you... Yes you... 
The one who read every single post and even those who were just passers-by -  
Thank you. I appreciate every comment you post. 
Or for just taking time to read some stuff in here.

There were times when I wanted to quit just because I want to. And then there were times when I just wanna hit on the keyboard to just write. Life's like that. 

Here's hoping for more stories and laughters to come in the next years. For the pursuit of that blissful and meaningful life. 

I would like to quote my friend, In life what is really important? Happiness or Contentment? Go figure.

Happy 1!


  1. naks, im flattered. thank you. alam mong mas masaya ang organized groups ko pag andun ka. clown lang? hehe

    and for sure Doni will be flattered too. akalain mong na-quote mo sya dito. hehe

    for me, contentment is.. pero mahirap ma-achieve yun. you can never be contented enough. ironic. hehe

  2. Happy anniv ma'am sayang di mo sinabi sana nagawan ka nmin ng banner! hehehe

  3. wOw!!! Congratulations! blissfulguro @1!

    Sna marami kapang mainspire sa iyong mga blogs...

  4. Wow naman! Flattered naman ako dyan =) Thanks Carla and keep it up!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! :) Same tayo!:D

  6. In life, what is really important? Happiness or Contentment?

    Happiness is important to MAKE life livable. And contentment is important to KEEP life livable.

  7. When you're content, happiness follows ;)

    Happy 1st year!

  8. time flies fast; congratulations on your first year of blogging and here's to more amusing, inspiring and interesting posts!

    maki-comment na din --TRUE happiness and contentment are not that easy to achieve. they are both gifts,opportunities and a blessings from the Lord.

  9. @chyng - clown agad? di ba pwedeng happy person muna? haha..makadalaw nga sa site ni doni...

    @jheng - sayang naman..hihi

    @j.freigh - salamat sir!

    @doni - hindi ikaw yan noh! haha..makapag visit nga sa blog mo....hmmm

    @nicole - oo nga sabay tayo! happy 1st blogsary!

    @nina - wow justwandering! grabe na ito...nina fuentes...thanks po!

    @docgelo - korek yan doc! and really thanks sa pag boost... :)

    to everyone... thank you very much po! i'm so honored talaga...

  10. Happy blogsary girl! I'm happy to have met you. Ibang chemistry ang hatid. hahaha! I would have to agree with chyng, clown lang. ^_^ Super sarap mong kasama. Walang kiyeme.

    Sana makasama pa rin kita this year sa mga galaan.

  11. .. happy 1st anniversary to your blog, miss carla. :)

  12. hi car! at siyempre magkakasama pa rin tayo... sure ako diyan!

    thanks rob! :)

  13. Huli na ako pero babati pa rin ako. Happy Blog Anniversary Ma'am Carla! :)

  14. thanks josiah... it's better late than pregnant... hihi


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