Dinagyang Festival 2012

A Dinagyang Festival post on February? Oh c'mon... How busy (or lazy) can I be?

the Freedom Grandstand
The foremost reason why we were in Iloilo was the Dinagyang Festival. The Iloilo church and food trip set the tone for what's going to happen. As I mentioned on the 1st part, this was the first time for me to document such event. I've been to Panagbenga and Paynauen/Mango festivals before when I was younger and I never really liked big crowds. 

I was invited by Chyng for the Dinagyang Festival 2012. There were 4 different stations/judging areas for the competition. We went to stations 1 (Freedom Grandstand) and 2 (Front of Iloilo's Provincial Capitol) the nigh before the big day. We fell in live with the Freedom Grandstand and asked the people around if tickets were still available and for how much. They told us to go there early the next day to purchase tickets (if there would be any) and if not, we can opt to have a nice spot as a bystander right off the barricades. When we learned that we have to shell out 1,000 pesos for a seat on the Grandstand we walked away and forgot about that option. 

We woke up very early to scout the perfect spot along the road. We were still hoping to score cheaper tickets to watch it but we didn't find one. We were also told that  We knew at that moment that we were opting to watch the street dance and not the performance on station 1.

kuya talagang 1,000 pesos?!
dadaan ba dito? - shot by chyng
we are so ready when you are
best spot of the day
 We were hungry at that time and needed a "quick-fix batchoy" for breakfast. We found this very simple eatery alongside the road where the performers will pass and perform their street dance. We ordered their specialty - the "barbecue with love" (coined by no less than chyng). Why? Ate barbecue took her time to align each and every meat on the stick perfectly without even caring about the performers dancing on the streets. She was so busy with sticking and cooking the barbecues in her own sweet time which made the difference. She was the best! 

And just to save our seats, we ordered few beers and barbecues so as to not be forced to move to the other side of the road where most of the people where stationed. And to top it all, the judging area for the street dance competition was a few meters away from where we are and the tribes purposely stopped in front of us to perform. We were really lucky to find that spot.

ate barbecue
where's your payong?
'pag teacher ba 'di na pwedeng uminom?
One by one, each tribe passed our side of the road and we were one with the media and other legit people to have access on that area.

And then my blog just turned into a photo blog

yin and yang
kuya harap!
go bagets!
si chyng at ang wagas na lente
right foot forward
spell F.U.C.H.S.I.A.
kuya smile!
ate, nakaupo o nakatayo ka?
the only blue sandals
go lolo!
go baby!
trademark pose of the day
may anggulo si kuya
ayun oh! sabay pito ng pulis...

go chyng!
nawala ang sandals
best shot of the day - ramdam ko kuya

What I loved most about our spot was that we were so near the tribes and we felt the intensity and the excitement from them. We were in between the 1st and 2nd station and that made the performers not too tired to perform. We were one with them in blood, sweat and tears (not in particular order) - that's how we felt during that time. We were THAT close. 

After 3 beers, 14 pork barbecues, 2 chicken barbecues, 1 milo, 1 cup noodles and 2 rice (me and chyng only), the performances ended on the first station. Total bill was around 170 pesos for 5 hours of non-stop action and for the spot that we never planned to be in. 

I noticed how disciplined the people were. No shouting or whatsoever in spite of the big crowd that day. When they were told that the street will be closed, they followed and went to the other side of the road. Gentle and nice people - Ilonggos that is.

In totality, I enjoyed Dinagyang. But I love our little spot on the street. It WAS an experience in itself.

Dinagyang rocks!


  1. hindi naman kayo masyadong gutom ng lagay na iyan sa dami ng kinain nyo ni chyng, maam carla?!!! totoo nyan, inggit ako sa barbecue with love! oo nga naman, deadma ni ate tindera ang parada, negosyo muna! hehe...

    i love your photos, carla (mutual?) and i even love your captions more -hagalpak ako sa smile (think about it kung paano iyon, hehe!)...

    ang husay ng mga shots!
    teacher ka nga; i am learning.

    it's more fun in da pilipins!

    1. naks naman... salamat doc! (mutual? hihi)

      ang sarap maglagay ng captions eh, enjoy ako dun...

      salamat sa "husay" part... i'm also learning from everyone including you doc :)

  2. Impressed ako sa pictorial coverage mo - ang galing!

  3. ^ walang kinikilalang oras ang red horse. char!!

    ganda ng photos mo carla. better than mine. galing! this dinagyang is really a great (and fun) experience. sulit na sulit ang bbq! ♥

    1. tama ka diyan sa oras chyng..hihi..

      wow naman! coming from chyng?! hmmph.. walang magaganap na "better than mine" noh!

      super fun and sulit talaga di ba? :)

  4. aba at magkasama pala kayo ulit ni chyng! looks like you had lots of fun! :)

    1. hi vin! at talagang nag-enjoy kami sa iloilo...lalo na sa foodtrip:)

  5. haha okay lang yan!! yung panagbenga ko nga baka next year pa ma post eh haha

    1. haha. natawa naman ako dun christian... inaabangan ko pa naman ang amazing unplanned trip mo na yan :)


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