On Jessica Zafra, National Bookstore and Blog Giveaways...

I love to read non-fiction stuff. I was never really "reading" when I was younger. I read books because it was required, not because I grew up yearning and wanting to do it. But I love National Bookstore. It's my favorite place to go to when i'm inside the mall. I have this thing for school and office supplies stuff. I need to have those post-its and those teeny weeny stapler. They have everything! 

And then one day I learned about National Bookstore's Cubao branch and found out that several floors are dedicated to promo items including books. It sparked my interest in reading books because I want to, not because i need to. And then I get lost everytime I go there. I specifically love memoirs of normal people - no celebrities please. It feels so real and I can so relate with some of my books (which are incredibly cheap!). Memoirs of drug addicts, abortion addicts, a daughter of a funeral director/owner, 9/11 survivors, divorce addicts and many more. I am currently reading Long Past Stopping: A memoir by Oran Canfield - son of the famous Chicken Soup For the Soul guy, Jack Canfield. 

I love you Jessica Zafra!
Moving on, I am not a couch potato. I can live without a TV. I got rid of my TV two years ago. It just wouldn't work one day (even if I didn't use it that often) and after it was fixed, I didn't put it back in my room. Why? It occupied too much space - naaa, I just don't need it. After that, I got to read more books and still retain my 20/20 vision (according to LTO). But then, I fancy watching shows like Storage Wars, L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, Kings of Restoration, American Pickers and Pawn Stars - in History channel, BIO or C.I. Non-fiction stuff on TV, just the way I like it. 

hard bound baby!
I don't usually join contests. I want to win (who doesn't want to?) but I'm too lazy to make any effort of joining. But last year, for whatever reason, I won several times in different occasions - intentional or unintentional winnings. I won a gift certificate worth 2,000 pesos from a mall in Q.C., I won a Lonely Planet's Travel Photography book in a seminar/training, I won a flat iron, stand fan, 1,200 pesos and a pangkabuhayan showcase (grocery items) in our annual faculty Christmas party in school and other stuff. I just got lucky. I didn't even made any effort. They just called out my name. And then one lazy afternoon...  

I was blog hopping and have I told you that I'm also a Jessica Zafra fan? I have almost all of her Twisted books and I read her blog regularly. I digress... As I was browsing on her site jessicarulestheuniverse.com, I saw her latest contest about Pawn Stars - one of my favorite shows. The post was entitled; Win a signed copy of Licensed to Pawn by the star of Pawn Stars. At that time I was actually watching the Pawn Stars re-run. Can that be a sign? Will I actually join on this one? What if I lose? I have a fear of rejection pa naman. Ok, I'm exaggerating but what happened was I joined. 

my entry
I love Pawn Stars and I know the details of my favorite episodes by heart. The contest was for three weeks. Jessica will choose three winners each week. I did join the first week and answered the question. After a week, she posted the winners and... I didn't get to see my name on it. I didn't win. And I didn't join the next week's contest. 

So after a week, I blog-hopped again and saw the second batch of winners. I was scanning through the post when I saw my username - blissfulguro... And then I realized I won! Without even answering the second week's question. Apparently, my answer on the first one qualified for the second one. Great! I was asked to leave my full name on the comment portion and I need to go to National Bookstore in Rockwell to claim my prize. 

Fast forward to the day I claimed my prize. While inside the store, I asked the personnel in-charge about it. She said that my name wasn't on the list. I was stunned. How can that be? I was about to leave when I thought of trying my luck on my username - blissfulguro. And there it was, my username in bold letters. Whew! I was glad that I thought of that. 

young Rick
signed copy...
Thanks National Bookstore... Thanks Rick Harrison and Pawn Stars... Thank you Jessica Zafra - you don't know this but I really love you (not in a romantic way) and I envy you, you're always with the rugby guys... 


  1. wow congrats~!! grabe wala akong luck sa mga pa contest contest and raffles! O.o kahit man lang candy sa parlor games. am i that unlucky? chos! id love to have that book too!

    1. ako din dati, walang swerte sa ganyan... pero turn ko na siguro! may ganun talaga. hehe

  2. ang swerte! dati balak ko suyurin ng isa isa yung upper floors ng national sa cubao hehe, adik lang talaga :P

  3. Whee!!! I won too!!! Ako si caterpillar-girl! Haha! Congratulations to us!! :)

  4. your a great writer.. i like you jessica zafra...


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