Top 5 Craziest Things I Did on a Trip *2012*

Arvin (a friend): Carla, nagwo-work ka pa ba?
Carla: Oo naman, bakit?
Arvin: Kasi panay ang layas mo eh kala ko wala ka ng trabaho

I intended this space to be a personal one - my musings on anything and everything with me being a public school teacher (emphasis on the word public). Just a thinking-out-loud page. To kill boredom. And it just happened. Traveling took over me. 2012 has been a great year. Juggling my job, my graduate studies, my travels (and blog) and all other stuff that kept me busy. I am so blessed to have a schedule that permits me to spend long weekends, summer breaks and all the school breaks on traveling. A total of 61 posts and 106 followers for this year - maybe not that grand but it's a hella great year for me! And I am making a year-end post for the first time 'coz I am so guilty of reading other bloggers' year-end posts. So here's my first attempt in making one. Check out the top 5 craziest things I did on a trip. 

5. Braved the rocky trek without a guide on the way to Hydro falls in Baguio
with marx (I'm not a fan of trekking by the way) .

see how I detested trekking once again 
4. Rented a bike on the way to Puka beach in Boracay with J.

see how I almost give up on  biking
3. Finished 3 strong beers and loads of barbecue with love at 8 a.m.
on Dinagyang Festival with chyng, fhel, mec and ron.

see how we enjoyed Dinagyang Festival without spending the 1,000-peso entrance fee
2. Solo traveled for the first time in Marinduque.

my first ever solo trip
see how I survived 4 days without throwing tantrums on anyone
1. Cliff dived in Siquijor with J.

 see how cliff jumping changed me and my outlook in life - nah...
So there. That's me being crazy. Or me being myself I guess. 
To cap it off here's a recap of my travel stuff posts. 

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April 2012
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May 2012
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June 2012
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July 2012
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August 2012
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October 2012
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November 2012
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December 2012
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Happy 2013 everyone!
Go out and explore!


  1. yabang, dot dom. hihi
    chos lang, see it pays di ba? you know ^_^

    i really loved your marinduque solo travel. hope makapunta ulit dun! see you soon. chikahin kita abt siquijor. may trip pala ko dun in 20 days.

    1. mag 1 year na ang, bayaran na naman. haha. pero keri lang *winks*

      super love ko rin ang marinduque ko pero kabog dun ang cliff dive ko. hihi. see you soooon! :)

  2. wow ganda nmn ang 2013 ninyo maam at sa aobrang hectic nag schedule nasingit pa din ang mga gala at bongga pa! wow na inggit ako !

  3. Wow! I want to cliff dive too! :) Sabi nga rin ng parents ko baka daw mapagalitan ako sa office dahil sa dami kong alis.haha. :P Happy New Year Carla! ;)

  4. best in time management ka, Carla. Hehe.

    Gusto ko rin magcliff jump.

  5. Naunahan mo ako sa year end post, wala pa din ako :(

    Competition? hehehe

  6. Ang cliff jump ang hinding-hindi ko gagawin. Dahil...di ako marunong lumangoy. Haha. Ang saya lang at caught on cam yung moment mo. :) Happy new year sa 'yo and more crazy things to come!:)

    1. haha. natawa naman ako sa di marunong lumangoy. hihi. ang bongga ni kuya joam ng siquijor, marunong umanggulo. hehe. happy 2013 cris! :)

  7. this post gave me a perfect idea for a tandem trip in 2013. hahaha... something that will belong to your craziest thing to do in a trip 2013.

    cheers to a great year in travel!

  8. Replies
    1. aww.. that's so sweet arlet :)

      happy 2013! cheers for more travels :)

  9. Sana ganyan din kadaming travel ang afford ko for a year. Haha.

    Good Luck on 2013! Happy New Year. More travels!! :)

    1. go chingky! keri lang yan, bagets ka pa naman. haba pa ng panahon!

      happy 2013 chingks!:)

  10. Sana makasama kami one day sa mga crazy trips mo Carla. hehehe. Cheers for for wonderful 2012.

    Wish you more travel in 2013.

    1. it's my pleasure sky and summer:)

      happy 2013 guys!:)

  11. Saludo talaga ako sayo Teacher Carla!!! Kampay!!!

  12. I'm amazed you were able to squeeze in a lot of travels in between your full time job as a teacher and your graduate studies. Happy New Year to you and keep on traveling!

    1. na amaze din ako sa sarili ko bert. hihi.

      happy 2013! :)

  13. woohoo! ayos na ayos ang trips kahit may trabaho! last year ganito din ako even when i had a full time job. this year, i quit my job kasi mas ginusto ko ang long-term travel.

    congrats on a very travel-filled 2012, carla! very inspiring :)

    1. wow! i wish i could do that. for now, time management muna :)

      happy 2013 ed! :)

  14. Replies
    1. hindi ice... ikaw na! hahaha

      happy 2013 chong!:)

  15. Indeed you had a great year!
    But I will not call it "5 craziest things", I will call it "5 coolest things"...
    Happy New Year!

  16. Katakot yung trek, matarik yung mga bato at brave na solo travel hindi ko pa na-try. The cliff dive is definitely the craziest! Buwis buhay yan... Cheers for more travels in 2013!

    1. buwis buhay nga pero super fun!

      happy 2013 ian! :)

  17. ang sarap ng 2012!! nakakainggit ateh! u had so much fun and a very colorful year! may this 2013 mas makulay pa! happy new year!

  18. Cliff diving, aray ko naman... Marunong naman ako lumangoy pero di ko parin keri yan... haha! Way to go Carla! Ang saya ng 2012 mo, for sure mas masaya ang 2013! Cheers!

    1. keri yan teh! mukhang mahirap tapatan yan next year ah. haha.

      happy 2013 gladys!:)

  19. I want the cliff diving! bongga ng 2012! wishing you more travels this year!

  20. You had such an amazing 2012! Wishing you a prosperous 2013!


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