Angono: A Day with Shutterbugs

Elal: Carla 'pag photowalk kailangan daw naka-black.
Carla: Huh? (observed that almost everyone's in black) Buti na lang naka-camouflage ako.

And that was just a bluff (I believed her for a second). Good observation though. A month ago, we were invited to join the group The Galing Photographers on their Angono photowalk. I must admit that I am no good when it comes to shutter and stuff but when Marx saw their tagline, We don't judge your photo, We value your effort, we knew it would be fine. I've never been to any photowalks ever so I was excited to open my mantra on this thing. With me were fellow bloggers MarxElal and the Christian or the Caracol group :)

When everyone was ready with their name tags and bag tags, we went to our first stop - the YAB Design. The company has been around for 2 decades now. They are known for their decorative stuff in all shapes and sizes - mostly out of polyester resin. 

You wouldn't miss the place, they have two Egyptian guards and a huge Gillette razor on their gate and upon revealing what's inside, the group scattered around and then silence. Everyone was busy with their weapons. I took a photo of this and that and that's it. When I found myself bored (after capturing a few shots) I observed that these guys were really taking photos on a different level. I mean they were so engrossed in their chosen subject. Talk about passion eh?

one shot is not enough
angles and perspectives
We then entered the company's showroom of their products. I did pass by the showroom and saw the giddy shutterbugs who were like kids inside a toy store. One exclaimed, "Can we stay here for the rest of the day?". Okay, so after that area, the deviant me explored the other areas of the compound. 

they loved the showroom
50 million pesos
off to Israel (I forgot to ask if it includes the animals, er)
I got lost in the Sewer's Department and chitchatted with one of the sewers. And then I went into the Carver's Department - no one was there to bother. Then I stayed way too long in the Upholster's Department. The workers here were so nice that they even let me try one of their machines. 

Next was the Painter's Department - the workers were quiet there. And then the Carpenter's Department. I almost got the whole picture of the production itself. It takes so much time and talent to finish a piece - the reason for the very steep prices. Almost all of their pieces are for export purposes. Notably, the Noah's Ark is up for 50 million pesos ready to ship in Israel (I dunno if it includes all the animals though). The huge ark was made by the Filipinos. It really makes me proud.

Sewer's Department

Carver's Department

Upholster's Department

Painter's Department

ready to hit the container vans
After that I got lost in what seemed to be the "Junk Department" (me coined that) and saw some pieces that, I guess, didn't pass the standards of the company. They were all in this one huge area and I was so excited to go that way. The dirtier the better huh? 

Overall, the YAB Design makes me proud of the Filipino Artistry. I just hope that they are paid right for the work they are doing. It's really world-class. Sheesh, I didn't see any "Made in the Philippines" marking anywhere.

We could've spend the whole day in this specific place but then we needed to move to our next destination.

junk stuff

me loves dirty stuff

Next stop was the Nemiranda Art House and Atelier Cafe and Restaurant. I love museums. And the art house proved to be not just a typical gallery. Also, dining in here is an experience in itself. From the huge papier maches to the art pieces here and there it was truly an art house more than a cafe. I especially loved the carver in action who didn't mind us while we took photos of him doing his art piece. The shutterbugs went wild again (not in a bad way).

carving right off the post

mistake or not - art is relative
inspired from the Angono petroglyphs
moi, Marx, Christian and Elal
Next stop was the Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, an arthouse/restaurant that was built by the famous Angono artist Perdigon Vocalan. Back in college, we had this extensive tour around the town and their unusual food items on the menu was one of the remarkable things I remembered from that trip (aside from the Angono Petroglyphs of course). We also get to sign a mask with our names that would later on be hung somewhere in the restaurant. 

URL dapat?! :)
We then went to the Forest Park to have our lunch there. This allowed us to chitchat with the group. But then I had to leave early because of some important stuff in school. Too bad I didn't get to cover the other museums and destinations for that day. 

gutom na?
Angono is truly the Art Capital of the Philippines. It is evident on their restaurants, museums, galleries and the craftsmanship of their annual Higantes Festival. I could only imagine how the old folks lived there. They breathed the air of artistry of the town. 

Special shout out to The Galing Photographers for allowing us to join in this activity. Such a nice experience for a lazy photographer like me.


  1. I'm envious! Curious lang ako, what's your cam? :)

  2. I like the tagline of the group very much. "We do not judge your photo, we value your effort". It gave me an idea to create our tagline also. Galing ng grupong ito. maraming mga bigatin.:-).

    1. at napaka-accommodating talaga nila. never ako naka-feel na di kami kabilang sa grupo. galing.

  3. nice. i have a question though.. free ba pumunta anytime dyan sa YAB design?

    1. i dunno if they accept walk-ins pero ang field trips pwede or group siguro. di nga daw pwede kumuha ng letrato sa showroom eh, buti they allowed us :)

  4. ang ganda ng showroom. bute pinayagan kayo kumuha ng litrato. kame noon kahet arranged na ng hotel ang tour,d kame pinakuha. lol hanggang ngayon si Christian ayaw pa din pakita mukha nya sa peksyur.

    1. talaga? yun nga din sabi nung ibang workers. buenas daw kami kasi pinayagan kami na kumuha ng letrato sa loob :) ninja yang si christian eh. haha

  5. Magkano mam binayaran niyo para sa pagjoin ng photowalk?

    1. we paid for the lunch lang kasi most of the museums waived the entrance fees. yung ibang entrance minimal lang :)

  6. Kainis hindi ako nakasama.. :(

    1. hi joms! ikaw kasi inuna mo ang maleta mo eh. haha. and ur back! kita naman tayo! :)

  7. for a lazy photographer, you take nice and insightful photos ah. parang ibang level na pics mo ngayon (i know medyo matagal na kong di nakabisita haha)

    1. hi christian! i love the term ha, "lazy photographer" haha. naks naman insightful. haha. salamat naman

  8. If your going to ask for yourself What should be the best tagline for angono?

    1. Art Capital of the Philippines is still fine with me :)


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