Election Day 2013 - I am Serving

It's election day today and I am serving. It's the first time I said yes to such workload. But I don't look at it as a "workload" but rather a service to the nation. Big words eh? But yes, a social responsibility that I deem important. 

To almost 1,000 voters in my precinct... Please be patient. We will do our best to serve each and one of you. And just a tip, go to your designated precincts around lunchtime - less crowd.

To all the registered voters out there... Go out and exercise your right to vote. And please do shade the circle the right way so as to not spoil your ballot and your vote.

To those who are not registered but of legal age... You missed the chance to make a difference. Do not even attempt to complain on the elected officials.

To my co-Board of Election officers and others (policemen, media men, etc.) who are also in duty today... Let's do this and let's hope and pray for a peaceful election. 

Election fraud or not. Counted votes or not. The important thing is that you did your part in the process. The first step for what we all hope for and for the future generations.


  1. Hi Goodluck to your day.. teachers are really heroes. Serving beyond duty. I have been poll clerk several times too and I know how difficult if someone will challenge you as BOI. I hope everything will be okay..

  2. Hope it doesn't get insane :) Stay safe.

  3. Ingat Teacher Carla at habaan po ang pasensiya. :)

  4. Go Carla! Agree with you, pag di bumoto, bawal magreklamo. :)

  5. pag hindi tax payer, wag mashadong aarte. hehe


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