U.P. Diliman Food Trip

UP Ikot jeepney drivers are the easiest to deal with in terms of their fare system. 7 pesos flat rate; whoever, whenever, wherever.  It’s that simple. But I guess walking is the preferred mode of mobilization at U.P. Diliman. With the huge trees lining up the main circumferential road and the lush greens everywhere, strolling is never a task.

Food tripping tops my things-to-do on my leisure time in U.P. Street food here never felt so grimy if you are picky about it. Blame it on the perfect garden feel inside the campus. Fish balls, kwek-kweks, baluts, sorbetes, isaws and everything that comes into your mind when you think about street food, is here.

I was asked by a friend if I knew where Mang Larry’s isawan and Rodic’s diner were. I was taken aback by this. I didn’t have any idea where they are located. And so together, we both embarked on a task to locate those two famous restaurants/stalls and see if they deserve all the fame that's been showered their way.

First stop was the Rodic's Diner inside the U.P. Shopping Center. The diner has two stalls inside and are usually packed with patrons even on the strangest time of the day. Their famous silogs ranges from 80 to 110 pesos. I know it's a bit steep but let's see if it's worth the price. 

U.P. Shopping center

Rodic's claim to fame is their Tapsilog (80 pesos) and we both ordered it. We waited for a few minutes for our meal to be served. We concocted our own versions of dipping sauce as we started to nibble one shredded tapa after the other. The shredded state of the tapa helped in retaining the flavor. I love its flaky texture and how crusty it feels on every bite. The downside though was the serving size. It felt like we got half of what we supposed to have.

I love Rodic's Tapsilog but I think it's overpriced given its serving size.

Rodic's famous Tapsilog

Next stop was Mang Larry's isawan situated at the back of the College of Law (specifically F. Ma. Guerrero st.). You can never miss it for there are packs of patrons lining up on this quaint stall everyday. We ordered 15 pcs. of isaw (3 pesos each) and isaw chicharon (20 pesos). Our order was ready in a few minutes.

On the very first bite we knew that it's not the isaw that we are looking for. It tasted very normal and I was stumped as to why people kept on raving about it. The dipping sauce was very plain and not yummy at all. I liked the isaw chicharon more than the grilled isaw.

The yummy isaw we had in Surigao still tops my list.

isaw hoarders
isaw chicharon
And then an astronaut came to get his quick isaw-fix. I was engrossed by the mystery guy for a moment.

Mang Larry’s fame may be attributed to some other factor; but definitely not because of their isaws.

may future si kuya...
After those two famous food stalls inside the U.P. campus, I hurriedly led my friend to my happy U.P. food place. We again went by foot to the UPCASAA (U.P. College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association Inc.) food center It is tucked on a street between the famous Palma Hall and the Palma Hall Annex just across the University Library. 

I heard about this place from my professor while we were on a class once. At that time, she was having her lunch and saw her food box. It looked yummy and she immediately pointed me to a food stall in CASAA. I bought the very same meal she was having, the most tasty and yummy lechon kawali ever! Since then, all other lechon kawalis became mediocre.

The Chinatown food stall inside UPCASAA food center is to blame for this fixation of mine. They serve the most crispy and yummy lechon kawali meal ever. Each meal will cost you 55 pesos with rice and pancit canton guisado as side dish. The serving size is always huge and an extra rice is a must. 

I'm always lost for words whenever I munch on their lechon. It's always crispy anytime of the day. But enough of this, just go and grab that meal right now and tell me if it's not one of the best you've ever tasted.

I'm such a fan of the Chinatown's lechon kawali meal and I'm so willing to pay double for a single meal.

the best lechon kawali ever!
And I'm still in search for the next best thing after my lechon kawali meal. Buzz me if you know such place inside the U.P. campus :)


  1. Mukhang gwapo si kuya ah. hehehe. I really want to try Rodic's..and Mang Larry again, kasi hindi ko sya nablog before. hehe. :p

    1. onga michy. malas lang di nagpakita ng todo pero may future di ba? hehe

  2. i tried Rodic's na..

    for the isaw, mas bongga pa sa surigao???

    1. no way chyng! wala nang tatalo pa sa isaw in surigao. hands down! :)

  3. suggestion po, Bulaluhan sa may Espana near welcome rotonda, nakakain na ako dun once ang sarap ng bulalo nila. :) nakalimutan ko yung name ng bulaluhan e, pero malapit lang yun sa meralco.

  4. tsaka maam sa bull chef malapit sa Ace water spa. masarap din ang pagkain dyan at mura pa.

    #4 East Capitol Dr.
    Kapitolyo, Pasig

  5. i hate you carla. ginutom mo ako sa post mong ito!
    sarap kaya ng isaw, canton guisado, tapsilog (longsilog at tocilog din!)

    i've read a few blog posts about this famous food finds in UP.
    malamang mapaginipan ko pa mamayang gabi to. *wipes angle of the lips*

  6. Replies
    1. some of the shops in shopping center are open on Sundays :)

  7. Hi! Nice post blissfulguro! This was back in 2013. I would like to invite you over at Area2, UP Diliman Campus. We have a new hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant named TILIN Asian Street Kitchen. Here is the link. Maybe you could drop by sometime. Thank you! www.facebook.com/tilinask

    1. Oh wow! I will for sure. After my backpacking trip, so around mga June na :)


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