Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition at the Mind Museum

Mona Lisa is much more famous than her master. She has been considered as a public property for decades now. We own her, not even the genius behind that piercing smile that keeps on lingering in our minds owns her. It IS a public domain and outside of the copyright protection which made it one of the most replicated image worldwide. And who is the genius behind it? Let's get to know him more in his works.

The Mind Museum, , one of my favorite museums, opened its doors to the Da Vinci – The Genius last September 1, 2013. It has been in the most famed museums in 51 cities around the world. The exhibition reveals that Leonardo Da Vinci is not solely a painter but a genius behind some of the most brilliant ingenuities. The exhibition offers the most comprehensive analysis and interaction with Leonardo Da Vinci’s works.

The 200 exhibit pieces are divided into several themed areas; Military Engineering, Music and Optical, Renaissance Art, Hydraulic and Aquatic, Physics, Flight, Civil, Anatomy and Codices. The guests can explore on the interactive inventions studied from the codices and built in Italy as original pieces provided with well written, authentic and interpretive information to guide the guests on the pieces.

The exhibition makes use of Sensory Learning to provide a better understanding and appreciation of Da Vinci’s works. An example of which are; 3D interactive presentations of his famous works (The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man and the great Sforza Horse sculpture) with never before seen perspectives, a special BBC documentary on the life of Leonardo Da Vinci entitled, The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything, and the hands-on features of some of the pieces. 

Here's a sneak peak on what's inside the Da Vinci exhibition.

Modern Machines

Carro a Manovella
Crank Operated Cart
Automa del Humanoid
Humanoid Automaton

Studio d' Ala Unita
Wing Study
Vite Aerea
Aerial Screw

Trasformazione Moto Alternato in Continuo
Transformation of Alternating to Continuous Motion
Calandra o Laminatoio
Rolling Mill
Cuscinetto a Sfere e a Rulli
Rolling Ball Bearings
Ponte Salvatico
Emergency Bridge
Hydraulic and Aquatic

Breathing equipment, Hand Flipper, Lifebuoy and Floats
Battello a Pale a Manovella
Paddle Boat
Scafo a Doppia Carena
Double Hulled Ship
Music and Optical

Stanza degli Specchi
Mirrors Room
Pianola Portatile
Portable Piano

Spot Light or Projector
Military Engineering

Mitragliatrice a Tre Registri
Three-Registered Gun-Machine

Carro Coperto per l' Assalto
Covered Cart for Attacking Fortifications
Renaissance Art

Secrets of Mona Lisa
The exhibit didn't bore us. The limited time that we were able to experience Da Vinci all by ourselves was the best part. The exhibition is the perfect way to get inside the mind of a genius. Such brilliant mind. Don't miss this chance to visit the Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition at the Mind Museum before it's too late. It will be for a limited time only so go now! 

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Da Vinci – The Genius
The Mind Museum, Special Exhibition Hall
September 1, 2013 to November 30, 2013
Tuesdays-Sundays beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Ticket Purchases (via www.tickets.themindmuseum.org or museum ticket booth)

Da Vinci exhibition only                 250 pesos (Adult) |  200 pesos (Children/Students)
3-hour Museum + Da Vinci            800 pesos (Adult) | 600 pesos (Children/Private school students) 
                                                  300 pesos (Public school students and teachers)                                            

All-Day Museum + Da Vinci           950 pesos


  1. I wanna spend a day in Mind Museum! I should visit when I get to manille! :) Next yr! These things really interests me and it would be lovely if I can bring my nephews with me! They'll surely gonna enjoy.

    1. And I am sure that you will also enjoy it shugah! :)

  2. How much is the entrance fee for this Ma'am?
    Until when will be the exhibit held?


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