Cheers for four years! If it were a human being, it would probably be on its way to pre-school. I’ve been raving, ranting, cheering, exploring, loving and living in the blogging world for four years now. Claps! Claps!

A great journey. A lovely rollercoaster ride. A book half-filled with images and narratives from everywhere. Traveling has been taking over my life and all I could do is to surrender. It made me realize and appreciate the littlest details and to accept the things that are inevitable.

Being on the road makes me yearn the comforts of my bed and going back to my eccentric life and my lovely students. And that moment where the craziness of your home base relieves you. The constant cycle of missing the road and your home is what makes it perfectly balanced and keeps you sane.

So just go! No matter where it is and how long it would take you, just go and come back dazzling and brilliant so you can shine bright like a diamond.

It’s been a privilege and a great opportunity to share my life with everyone for four years. And it’s not yet over.

Happy 4!


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