Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

In the middle of our guided tour around Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, yes, they have guided tours inside, I left the group and wandered off the old and historic corridors. My feet led me to an open aired hall where a number of staff were preparing for the royal tea ceremony. I climbed up a few steps, removed my flip flops and sauntered towards the wooden poles. I halted in the middle and stared at the intricate carvings on the ceiling. I stood there so long that I didn't realize the tea ceremony had started.

Yogyakarta was our third stop on Trip of Wonders 2016, a twelve-day exploration on different key destinations in Indonesia by the Ministry of Tourism with 40+ souls from different Southeast Asian countries. We just came from Jakarta (for a quick overnight stop) and Bandung before heading to our next adventure.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta

Arriving past dinnertime, we were welcomed at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel with refreshing drinks and fresh flower bracelets as we entered the elegant and lavish lobby. Exhausted after our flight from Bandung, we all went up to our rooms right away when they handed us our keycards.

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My spacious Deluxe Room (check for discounted rates here) on the fifth level felt cozy as wood tones and dimmed lights filled the room. In contrast, the bed was in pure white as with the sheer drapes which balanced it all out.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
A wardrobe closet that housed the in-room safe and bathrobes rested near the main door. There's also wooden ledge that serves as a work desk, entertainment rack and mini-bar. 

The huge queen-sized bed with its premium beddings with pillow-top mattress was very inviting that I wanted to jump into it right away. The headboard with its funky metal design over a mirror added a special touch.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta Deluxe Room

The en suite toilet and bath echoed the wood theme of the room. Bathroom amenities were all provided for.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta Deluxe Room

My room, as well as all of the other ones, do have a spacious private balcony. I was fortunate enough to have a pool view from it.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta Deluxe Room
Private balcony
Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta
Royal pool
We had a super early call time the next day so no beer sesh that night.

At three in the morning, we left the hotel’s premises to catch the sunrise at Borobudur. Breakfast food packs from the Royal Restaurant were given and it included freshly-baked goodies and the oh-so-good pizza! I super love it.

Coming back from our Borobudur adventure we went back to Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel and had a tour inside its historic spots. Dubbed as the Seven Wonders of Royal Ambarrukmo, there are certain areas around the hotel complex that’s definitely worth a visit when you’re in Yogyakarta.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta

Registered as a National Heritage Site in Yogyakarta, the Royal Palace Residence (Kedaton Ambarrukmo) served as a conference venue for the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. Built in 1859, it also functioned as a resort for the royal family. 

Museum Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta
Museum Ambarrukmo
The Museum Ambarrukmo houses some of Indonesia's Cultural Legacy that focuses on Javanese culture and arts. The big rooms that serve as exhibition rooms were once the main building of Royal Residence.

Museum Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta

Wayang Kulit Yogyakarta
Wayang Kulit
The original dining room for the King and his family, or Gadri, was included in the tour as well as the Bale Kambang which used to be a bathing pool, recreational and meditating facilities. Guests can actually book the room for special occasions under certain conditions.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta
Bale Kambang
The Mozaic at the hotel lobby was made during 1965-1966 which utilized thousands of ceramic tile shards imported from Japan and Jakarta. The 300 x 1,000 cm. mosaic depicts the life of Yogyakarta people in the middle of 20th century.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta
My favorite, and the focal point of Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, was the Relief named The Merapi Slope. Completed in 1965, this 700 x 1,500 cm. bas-relief was the masterpiece of Harijadi S and his team that depicts the life of Yogyakarta people living on the slopes of Mount Merapi (an active volcano between Central Java and Yogyakarta, its last major eruption was in 2010).

There were also some full-scale copper sculptures around the Royal Pool, commissioned by the late President Sukarno, featuring the craftsmanship of local artisans.

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta

I deviated from the tour and went exploring on my own. My wandering led me to an old open aired hall with wooden posts and lintels. This is where we’re going to have the royal tea ceremony, I whispered as I went into the middle of the square and glanced at the intricate carvings on the ceiling with an inscribed date of 1859. It was so beautiful that I held that pose for a minute or so, checking out the littlest detail. I was enjoying my solitude when my group arrived for the royal high tea ceremony or Patehan.

Ambarrukmo Royal Tea Ceremony
Served with traditional Javanese rice cakes and desserts
Ambarrukmo Royal Tea Ceremony
Javanese traditional Patehan
That night, after dinner, we headed to Jalan Malioboro for the much-awaited shopping time. You can find batik items and souvenirs along the shops on this long stretch of road. I went home empty-handed while my friends went crazy with their great bargains. That night, I was knocked down the moment I lay on my comfy bed.

It was six in the morning when I got up, grabbed some coffee and had it at the balcony. In an hour or so we’ll be leaving Yogyakarta and so my contemplation went on and on; I haven't had my favorite fried chicken on a food stall that I had the last time, I haven’t gone to Jalan Sosworijayan, backpacker’s district, to hang-out and so much more. More reasons to come back eh?

Breakfast buffet was served at Royal Restaurant. Again, the wood theme echoed all throughout the restaurant as wooden furniture and furnishings were employed. Different food stations surrounded the space and it was an extensive buffet spread.

Royal Restaurant Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta
Royal Restaurant
I had too many options but was craving for something different that day. In the end, my plate was filled with pizza, fried noodles and my own concoction of congee which made my tummy super happy.

Javanese Breakfast
Not my plate though. I was too happy with my pizza and congee that I ate it right away. Haha
The friendly staff waved and gave their sweetest goodbyes as we went out of the hotel. Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel lets you experience the regal life through its unparalleled history in the whole of Yogyakarta. And yes,they also serve delicious pizzas!

Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel (check for discounted rates)
Jalan Laksda Adisucipto No.81,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Contact Number: (+62) 274.488.488
Email Address:

Royal Restaurant
6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Special thanks to Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism for making this trip possible. 
As always, opinions and opinions are all mine.

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