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We could’ve rented a motorbike and go around Koh Lanta, but we nestled for three days on our bungalow at Soontreeya Lanta Resort and woke up any time we wanted to. It was one of those times when you get to enjoy sleep and didn’t have to worry too much on what to do the next day. It was our super relaxed stop on our backpacking trip and the chill vibe of our resort was the ideal setting for pampering our lazybones.

We’re in the middle of our Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip and while exploring around Southern Thailand, we came across this quaint island of Koh Lanta. Coming from the party island of Koh Pangan and the vibrant area of Ao Nang in Krabi, we were so longing for some quiet time and found it at Soontreeya Lanta Resort.

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Our transfer from Krabi to Koh Lanta was easy as there were loads of tour agencies that offer great deals on tours and transportation. We got a good deal and worried no more as we were effortlessly transported to the next island.

Arriving around late in the afternoon, we were greeted by a staff at Soontreeya Resort Lanta. We were given a brief rundown about the resort and the island itself as we were ushered to our villa.

Lush greeneries filled the area and there’s this community feel to it as you’d see every elevated bungalow that surrounds the resort.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
The path to our Superior Bungalow
We climbed up a few steps and settled on the spacious terrace which had a beach umbrella and garden set. After some minutes of catching our breath, we opened the glass door leading to our Superior Bungalow (check discounted rates).

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
Private terrace
The room was airy as floor-to-ceiling glass windows are mounted on the façade. Earth tones dominated the whole space with splashes of colors from some artworks hung on the walls.

Two wooden beds (single and double-sized) rested on one side together with two end tables. Opposite it was an entertainment rack with flat screen TV while a mini fridge rested underneath it. A wooden wardrobe closet and a maroon lounge chair sat on one end.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
We enjoyed the view from the comforts of our room
The en suite toilet and bath was funky with its black and white tiles and fixtures. The rain shower head and bathroom amenities offered a refreshing bath every time.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
Funky black and white bathroom
I lounged on the bed, forgetting to unpack my stuff and savored the cool air from the AC as I gazed towards the humid afternoon sun outside. I fell into a deep coma, after a week of partying, and woke up just in time for our late afternoon stroll along the beach.

We passed by Soontreeya Lanta Resort’s restaurant overlooking the swimming pool and reached a dirt path leading to the beach. It was a 2-minute walk that led to a rustic bar that was empty at that time.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
Long Beach is a 2-minute walk from the resort
The receding sea revealed a rocky seabed. I carefully tiptoed on the rocks and mimicked yoga poses. We then strolled along the Long Beach until we reached a pine-laden park where we decided to catch the sunset. Together with some expectant locals, we watched as the huge sun dips lower to the horizon and called it a day.

The next day, we woke up at our own pace. We had breakfast at the restaurant which is complimentary for all guests. A couple of tables were filled with guests enjoying their plated meals.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
Perfect the art of doing nothing
We had options of American, Continental and Vegetarian breakfast sets. My buddy opted for the American one with sausage, bacon and eggs while I settled for Vegetarian meal with 2 eggs, tomato, beans and hashbrown. Both meals were served with coffee, juice and a fruit plate. It was tasty, filling and just the perfect way to start our day.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Vegetarian Breakfast
Vegetarian breakie for me
Soontreeya Lanta Resort American Breakfast
American breakie for my buddy
We dedicated that day on catching up with our writing backlogs so we decided to remain on the restaurant and brought our laptops with us and consumed half of the day just enjoying our own spots by the poolside.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
We dedicated one full day for our writing backlogs
We had a hefty lunch at the restaurant as well for we didn’t wanna stress ourselves on looking for some place to eat as we enslaved ourselves on our writing gigs enjoying the complimentary WiFi of Soontreya Lanta Resort.

We ordered Chicken Satay (THB150|US$4.30), Baked Rice with Pineapple (THB230|US$6.59), Chicken Coconut Soup (THB130|US$3.72) and Strawberry Lassi (THB100|US$2.86). My craving for a nice fried rice was fulfilled as a huge pineapple was filled with rice, chicken, veggies, pineapple bits and cashew nuts. The chicken satay was also good with its peanut sauce as well at the lassi.

Chicken Satay Thailand
Chicken satay
Baked Rice With Pineapple Thailand
Baked rice with pineapple
Chicken Coconut Soup Thailand
Chicken coconut soup
The intense afternoon heat provided the perfect tropical setting. It was around three in the afternoon when we decided to go back to our bungalow to have a much needed siesta after finishing off some work. As automatic as it was, we woke up just in time for sunset.

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We traced back our way going to the nearby beach and watched the magnificent sunset.

The next day, we did some island hopping activities in the nearby island of Koh Rok which ended around three in the afternoon. It was our last night in Koh Lanta and we were told by the gracious owners, Conor and Sa, that there’s a cove on the other side of Long Beach that’s perfect for chill-out sesh.

It was an uphill and downhill 20-minute hike until we reached Relax Bay. It was quiet and peaceful on that side that we ended up lounging the whole afternoon doing what we do best, to do nothing.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort Koh Lanta
Chill. All. Day.
Leaving Koh Lanta was like leaving your comfort zone. For four days, we were lulled into the arms of Soontreeya Lanta Resort and had the perfect rest time halfway our two-month backpacking trip. There were so much things to see and explore around the island but we chose to stay on our home and explore its nearby neighborhood. And now I wanna go back for a week and do just nothing.

Soontreeya Lanta Resort (check for discounted rates)
111/2 M2, Long Beach, Saladan,
Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150 Thailand
Contact Number: (+66) 75.684.932
Email Address: 

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