Taiwan Food Hunt: Taipei Street Food Scene

We still have five hours before our flight back to Manila and instead of packing our stuff we headed to the nearest night market and indulged on Taipei's great street food for one last time (‘coz packing can wait). There are so many yummy treats that squeezing in a food trip on our regular walking tour is mandatory. On an average, I spent US$2 per meal and you couldn’t have three meals a day when you’re in Taiwan, around five or six will do.

Taipei Street Food
When your tummy is happy and everything seems blurry

Raohe Night Market Taipei
Night market scene
When I mentioned Taipei to be my next destination, my friends drool over their favorite Taiwanese dish that remembering its names was difficult for them (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Taipei). They would just mention, Oh, this beef noodles in this place, or, That fried thingy on the night market. And that started my craving for these foreign foodstuff that I never had, quite weird right?

Taipei Street Food
Steamed something

Taipei Street Food
Looks like a happy chicken
So as we navigated the traditional villages and mad night markets, we specifically squeezed in some food trippin’ on the side and I must say that we really had a great time exploring the food core of Taiwan and went into a foodcoma every time.

Dihua Street Food Taipei
Local breakfast scene at the old district of Datong

Ximending Shopping area

Ximending Street Food
We didn't try this though

Ximending Street Food
We didn't know what's this but we ordered one and surprisingly, it's yummy!

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Market Street Food
So-so dinner at Shilin Night Market - NT90 (US$2.82)

Quail Eggs Takoyaki Taipei

Quail Eggs Takoyaki Taipei
The unique sauce makes the difference
Quail eggs takoyaki - NT20 (US$0.63)

Raohe Night Market

Fried Chicken Chop Taipei
The superstar of Raohe Night Market
Deep fried breaded large chicken chop - NT65 (US$2.04)

Taipei Rice Topping
Braised pork rice with egg and bamboo shoots - NT45 (US$1.41)

Shida Night Market

Taipei Gua Pao
We were like, Let's try this!

Taipei Gua Pao
Reminiscent of our cua pao
Steamed flat soft bread filled with red-cooked pork belly, pickled mustard greens (suan cai),
fresh cilantro plus ground peanuts

Taipei Gua Pao
Gua pao pork belly bun - NT50 (US$1.57)


Taipei Xiao Long Bao
Steamed Xiao Long Bao - NT160 (US$5.02)

Taipei Stir Fried Noodles
Stir-fried shredded pork, dried squid and fried tofu - NT220 (US$6.90)

Yehliu Geopark

Taiwan Squid Balls
Legit squid balls - NT35 (US$1.10)

Taiwan Seaweed Drink
Refreshing seaweed drink - NT35 (US$1.10)

Beef Noodles

Taipei Soup Noodles Pork Rib
Soup noodles with pork rib - NT110 (US$3.45)

Taiwan Street Food Beef Noodles
Super tender beef noodles - NT80 (US$2.51)

Beer nights

Taiwan Beer
Taiwan Beer 600ml. - NT70 (US$2.20)

We haven’t tried anything fancy, just those readily available on the streets and on night markets. We haven’t even tried to queue on those stalls with a dozen or so patrons to see what the buzz was all about. But guess what? Almost everything we ate was good and totally reasonable for its price. It would be a dishonor to the great Taiwanese yummy food if you spend three days to sample it. Me planning to spend another week in Taipei just to scour around town for great food finds. Tara? :)

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  1. wow, there's so many delicious street foods around. You must be lucky to taste them all.

  2. can I join your future trips? I'm a fan of your blog as well as Chyng's and DongHo's. instagram: levintology :-)

  3. Amazing it look Taiwan also awesome place for street food.

  4. WOW!!!Awesome expereince...I think you really enjoyed your trip.Amazing pictures.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Albert! I did enjoy our Taiwan trip and food trip :)


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