If Blissfulguro were a kid, it would be a preschooler now, or may be in first grade if he or she is a whiz kid. My personal space is six years old and still, there will be no fireworks or extravagant blog giveaways; just a simple and quiet celebration of my forever pursuit of the great blissful life.

And yes, I’m still a public school teacher in our community high school who’s always finding a way to squeeze in that next great adventure of my life. And yes, I’m still that same person who gets giddy in simplest things like receiving a nice email from random people who, still, I can’t believe, can somewhat relate to the stories I share. And I am still not getting tired of exploring new places and making wonderful memories with every chance I have.

I was once asked to choose on either teaching or traveling, if I could only to have just one. It stressed me out as I couldn’t think about leaving whichever. Traveling makes me feel alive while teaching fuels my spirit. Traveling keeps me soaring high while teaching keeps me grounded. Traveling humbles me while teaching empowers me. Traveling lulls me to sleep while teaching inspires me to wake up. Traveling is love while teaching is life.

And as I take the baby steps to greatness, let me remind you that you have the power to steer your life the way it's meant to be; with so much love and passion. So own it, whatever it is that you’re passionate and in love about, just own it, and you’ll realize that there’s more to life than what they say it is.

Thank you, for rockin’ it with me for six years now and hope to see you somehow, somewhere, in the most obscure places.

Happy 6!


  1. Congratulations!! continue to inspire people to travel and pursue their dreams :)


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