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Arriving on the hostel at midnight, we were greeted by the guy who’s manning the reception desk at Beary Best Hostel in Singapore. I was too tired to move as we entered the glass doors but he gave his warmest welcome which kind of eased my aching bod. I collapsed on the couch while my buddy proceeded with the check-in process when the guy started to talk about where the best hawker stalls and money changers near the area. The chitchat almost never ended as it felt like we’re back at home catching up with our homie.

We’re at the last week of our Beach Hop Asia 2016 summer backpacking trip and the two months’ worth of exhaustion has taken its toll on us. After exploring some nice islands in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, we’re having a five-day jaunt in Singapore to discover what we missed during our first visit to the Lion City (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Singapore).

Beary Best Hostel is conveniently located in the area of Chinatown (Chinatown - Upper Cross St. exit from Singapore’s MRT is just right across the hostel). There are plenty of shopping areas and hawker food arcades around, definitely our place to be.

The flagship hostel of A Beary Good Hostel, Beary Best is located in an art deco heritage building in Upper Cross Street in the heart of Chinatown. A melting pot for experienced and new breed of backpackers, the company has been giving an affordable but comfortable accommodation in Singapore for years now. In total opposite to the deluge of overpriced boutique hostels, the carefree and homey vibe at Beary Best Hostel is the epitome of what hostels should be.

Reception area
Kitchen and laundry area
There’s a huge lounge area, outdoor patio, business center, laundry service, tour assistance and more. The communal fully-functional kitchen for guests also has all-day free coffee and tea.  Complimentary breakfast of toasts, jams and such is also available.

We were directed on the third level of the hostel where our bunk beds were.  Teddy bears in all shapes and sizes scattered around (mostly homeless ones) with some funky light fixtures that adorned the colorful stairwells. At past midnight, the whole place was still and quiet.

With our heavy backpacks in tow, we tapped on the keycard to our mixed dorm (check discounted rates here) and the cool air from the AC greeted us. Hissing sound of snores broke the stillness of the surprisingly spacious room. Without unpacking my stuff, I slumped on my bunk and went to dreamland in no time; too weary to even grab my jammies.

It was a sound and peaceful sleep. Me and my buddy woke up too late for the complimentary breakfast that ends at ten in the morning. I grabbed my mobile phone and found out that it was almost lunchtime. I headed towards the female shared toilet and bath, took a much needed shower and prepped up for our first day in Singapore.

Homeless bears found their home at Beary Best Hostel
Outdoor patio
Having a good location, we bought Singapore Dollars on a nearby money exchange shop and strolled the whole day. We went back on foot later that night after a booze night with some of our Filipino friends who were now based in Singapore.

We met some guests on our room at Beary Best Hostel who were happily sharing their backpacking itineraries; some were having a one year trip while others were obviously clueless on their indefinite leave to their home country. It was always quick and fun, as we try to convince everyone to go to the Philippines and explore its 7,614 islands (it was just this year that they announced that, last year, the official count was 7,107).

Same thing goes for the next few days where people would arrive and leave at the same time. Hostel life is totally the perfect place to get insights about traveling the world in the cheapest way possible. It is also a place where you can build friendships or probably reveal just about anything to anyone knowing that they won’t judge you as the moments shared there will most likely be the last time you’ll be together. It’s the comfort of sharing stories with strangers knowing that no judgment will be incurred during the process.

On our last day, we woke up earlier than usual and explored the quiet neighborhood of Beary Best Hostel. At six in the morning, shops were still closed and the streets were nearly empty aside from occasional bikers who were probably doing an early morning errand. It was quiet and serene; very unlikely to be Singapore. We reached a hawker food arcade near Chinatown and shared our breakfast with locals who were enjoying small chitchats with others. The warmth of the locals from the neighborhood totally echoed what we felt inside the hostel. We will surely stay here again during our next visit.

Beary Beast Hostel (check for discounted rates here)
16 Upper Cross Street, 
Singapore, 058331
Contact Number: (+65.6222.4957)
Email Address: 

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