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There’s this certain ‘uncle’ that’s famous in the Chinatown area whom everyone believes that may have started the first guesthouse business, or should I say a hostel, in Singapore. I dunno if the urban myth is true but this guy is certainly known in the neighborhood. And in search for the cheapest possible accommodation in the area, we met him, in flesh and blood.

Singapore is probably synonymous to being expensive in terms of, well, just about anything. Compared to the Philippines (or anywhere in Southeast Asia), the prices are generally high. But if you spend in the right way, like food, then you’d find that it is actually easy to go around the country and stay within your budget (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Singapore).

Singapore was our last stop on our Beach Hop Asia 2016 two-month backpacking trip. After hopping on to some of the beach destinations in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, we chose to chill at Singapore ‘coz we wanna meet up with some friends who were already based there.

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We initially planned to stay for five days in Singapore and then go to nearby Johor Bahru in Malaysia for an overnight stopover before heading back to Manila. After getting exhausted on the never-ending transfers and flights, we then decided to just spend our last two days in Singapore. With no prior booking reservations, we asked for help from our former hostel, Beary Best Hostel, for a new accommodation since they were fully booked on that day and were directed to ‘uncle’, the guy who was believed to have started the hostel business in the area.

Century Service World Hostel (check for discounted rates here) is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown area. We didn’t have a hard time looking for it as signages were around that pointed us to the right direction.

We climbed up to the second level of a building where ‘uncle’ welcomed us with his great big smile. We had online booking reservations ahead (like an hour before we went there) so he was kinda expecting us. We went to the hostel, just a few stalls away from his office, and showed us the security code to the password protected door.

Century Service World Hostel
Our last ever booze sesh to cap off our 2-month backpacking trip was spent here at this hallway
We entered into a small corridor leading to the door. There’s a small pantry with drinking water and some dining utensils, a door on my right led me to the lone shared bathroom while the other doors were the dorm rooms. The cramped common area could fit in around four persons. But that wasn’t a problem at all ‘coz after all, it’s a hostel.

Uncle’s enthusiasm wasn’t interrupted by our shrieks and giggles as we move along the tight spaces. He then showed us our six-bed mixed dorm which had three double decker bunk beds with AC and lockers. The no nonsense room was clean and comfy for the three of us.

Century Service World Hostel
Mini pantry
We were given a few reminders on some stuff like the security code and then were left on our own. The time was too short and I wanted to ask him more about his idea on becoming the pioneer on budget guesthouses and stuff but he needed to go back to his office. The time was too short, but definitely sweet.

Realizing that we’re the only ones who were occupying the room (and the whole space), we owned Century Service World Hostel like our own flat. I prepared some coffee and had a chill out sesh on the seating area at the hallway of the building. Our neighbors from the other stalls were busy on their shops selling old books and other knick-knacks. It was legit. The community feel was there and I instantly loved the quirky vibe of our transit home.

Century Service World Hostel
Six-bed dorm room
We were out the whole day and went back at the hostel around midnight. We had some noodle soup for recovery food after our last beer sesh then boozed up some more on the seating area on the hallway. We dunno if we have new roomies inside or not but we cared less. We’re just enjoying our last booze on our two-month backpacking trip on a legit neighborhood with some skater dudes rolling around the hallways, like we weren’t in Singapore. We scored a great deal on the cheapest accommodation in Singapore yet we experienced the core of the locals’ way of life which you couldn’t get when you stay on a posh hotel somewhere.

Century Service World Hostel (check for discounted rates)
Blk 5, Banda Street, #02-70/82,
Singapore 050005, Singapore

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