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There's a complete silence in every bite and munch as we sample each dish that lands on our table. And every time, we'll all look at each other and exchange nods of approval. Acting like food critics, we scrutinize each and every flavor that makes up a certain dish. It was an Asian feast at Cafe Voi La one late afternoon in March.

The group was having a staycation at Crosswinds Resort Suites in Tagaytay right before me and my buddy embark on our two-month backpacking trip, a sort of send-off party. It was a Saturday and because we were too lazy to go out and join the weekend warriors in the city, we settled at Cafe Voi La which is conveniently located at the main gate of the resort.

I wasn't expecting anything, as usual, and immediately entered at the cafe. An interesting mix of Asian knick-knacks adorned the main dining area which made the place homey; from the Chinese wooden cabinets and the comfy trifold pillows from Thailand.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Asian souvenirs all around the cafe
We settled inside the main dining area and were given a brief overview about the menu with emphasis on the guests' favorites. We never discussed beforehand what to choose which ended up on an instant Asian feast.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Cozy, homey and very Asian vibe
We had Thai Pomelo Salad (P395), Homemade Chicken Pork Adobo (P425), Pork Crackling (P595), Satay Sampler (P595), Café Voi La Chicken Curry (495), Trio of Spring Rolls (P395) and Café Voi La Pad Thai (P595).

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Asian Feast!
Servings were quite huge for just one person so every dish was for sharing. I couldn’t resist to try each dish as arrive one by one on our table. I could feel the love and passion from the meticulous presentation to the aroma of the home-cooked style meals.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Satay Sampler (P595)
One of each kind: chicken, pork, beef and prawn served with homemade peanut sauce
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Homemade Chicken Pork Adobo (P425)
Slow-cooked and simmered chicken thighs and pork spare ribs
in its natural juices, vinegar, palm sugar, lots of garlic, spices and black pepper
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Crackling Pork (P595)
Brick oven-roasted pork belly with a special dipping sauce and salsa
I specifically loved the curry which was spicy to some of my friends but tasted authentic for me. I also loved the spring rolls and the salad. As authentic as it is, you'd feel that you're transported to the place of origin of the meal in every single bite.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Thai Pomelo Salad (P395)
Mesclum lettuce with fresh pomelo fruits topped with three grilled prawns
and sprinkled with dry garlic, dry onion, and ground peanuts with special Thai dressing
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Trio of Spring Rolls (P395 - three pieces each)
Vietnamese, vegetarian and Heart Palm
The feast continued as we ordered some coffee and desserts. I was kinda playful when I asked them to surprise us with their choice of desserts and coffee. And we were blown away as they brought four of their famous coffee concoctions including one that was brewed right in front of us. Quite amazing.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Original Black Coffee / Pour Over (P155)
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Iced Latte (P175)
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Cold Brew (P145)
We were also amazed that some of their dessert options have an Asian twist in it. But everyone was raving about the cheesecake, definitely the best cheesecake I've tasted thus far.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Gula Melaka in Coconut Cream and Palm Sugar (P165)
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Black Sticky Rice with Mango (195)
Cafe Voi La Tagaytay
Salted Caramel Cheesecake (P215)
The best cheesecake ever!
The group was having a great time as we talked about our travel plans and whatnots that we didn't notice that it was almost sundown. We had three solid hours of non-stop laughter as we talk about our favorite Asian cities every time we sample each dish; a certain fried spring roll story for one and a satay story for the other. It might help a lot that we all love traveling and trying out local food which made us appreciate the cafe and the food itself. The food was exquisite and as authentic as it can be while the stories that sprung from the meals made us not leave Cafe Voi La anytime soon.

Cafe Voi La Tagaytay

Café Voi La
Crosswinds, Tagaytay City,
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