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Stephanie, the attendant at the restaurant, asked me my preferred drink that morning; my head was still banging from last night's beer sesh and my body was still dead to the world. I gave her my forced smile and mentioned my usual morning fix of black coffee with milk. While I was tinkering with my breakie plate, she went back and brought my request, a mugful of brewed coffee with milk on the side. I was about to sip my first when I noticed a blue letter "C" printed on the white mug, my initial with my favorite color. My spirit was restored back to life. I glanced over to where she was, then gave her my sweetest smile. She actually knows my name even if it's the first time we've met. My first morning in Boracay was made lovelier by this gesture. And I must tell you, this is not the last one that I'd feel so loved in Ferra Hotel Boracay.

It was an impulse trip as a long holiday weekend was announced. We immediately booked our flights to the famed island in the Philippines, Boracay, with the usual suspects. 

Located in Laketown, Ferra Hotel Boracay was our home for three nights which is accessible on foot from D’Mall, White Beach, Bulabog Beach and other famous landmarks in the area. It literally sits in the heart of the famed island paradise in the Philippines. 

We contacted the hotel for a transfer arrangement from our late night flight from Kalibo which they happily provided. At ten in the evening, we were at the lobby of Ferra Hotel Boracay with all of the staff lined outside to greet us. A bottle of champagne was then popped while all of them welcomed us as if we're some returning guests, but no, it was our first time to stay here.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Ferra Hotel Boracay
Our funky One Bedroom Loft was located on the third level (check for discounted rates here). I was still holding my champagne glass when we were ushered to our room. Surprise number two, a bucket of beer plus munchies of spicy buffalo wings welcomed us on our home for three nights. This is the best welcome treat we've experienced, ever!

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Unique welcome treats just for us!
Our spacious loft room was more than I ever imagined it to be. The room was spacious enough to host an intimate party. The areas are well-defined and it felt like a mini home rather than a hotel room.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
One Bedroom Loft
A small kitchenette with shelves and kitchen sink rested on a wall near the main door. There are drinking water plus coffee and tea-making amenities, all of which are complimentary and replenished every day.

A wardrobe closet with safety deposit box and complimentary flip flops sat next to it as well as a wooden clothes rack. Opposite it was the toilet and bath with hot and cold shower plus bathroom amenities (my buddy immediately checked if there's a bidet, and there was!).

Ferra Hotel Boracay
En suite toilet and bath
There's a living area with a comfy sofa sleeper, entertainment rack with flat screen TV with satellite channels, regular-sized fridge, microwave oven, and a rolling dining table set (where the welcome treats were). 

The homey vibe was enhanced by a wooden ledge that serves as a work table with lamp and a landing to the wooden stairwell, quite clever. 

Ferra Hotel Boracay
It felt like a home rather than a hotel room
I climbed the upstairs to where the loft was, and I was ecstatic. The compact space was really the perfect nesting spot.

The queen-sized bed looked very inviting as well as the warm duvet and fluffy pillows. The side table was filled with a night lamp and a cool Bluetooth speaker alarm clock, just the basics, nothing too fancy which I really liked.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Our nesting spot
A flat screen TV and an individually-powered AC completed the loft. And yes, we have two sets of those inside our room. We also have our own WiFi router inside which is, again, included on the room rate. Amazing right?

I scanned the bed area and decided to jump into bed. My body was aching for rest but my buddy reminded me that we haven't had dinner.

Instead of going out that night, the group decided to try out Ruf Resto Bar on the topmost floor of Ferra Hotel. The food here was so great that we decided to have all our dinners here (do check out their amazing Asian dishes, I will dedicate a separate post on our pig-out sesh 'coz it definitely deserves its own limelight). 

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Yummy treats at Ruf Resto Bar
We enjoyed the breezy weather and cool ambience at the rooftop that we agreed on having a few bottles before we head out to party that night. Well, that didn't happen 'coz old age kicked in right away and we decided to just continue the beer sesh inside our room; our tita (and tito) hormones won over us.

I had the best sleep in weeks as we had no specific plans the next morning. It was around nine when I felt a grumbling protest from my tummy, it was time for breakfast.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Modern Asia Restaurant
Modern Asia Restaurant is one of of Ferra Hotel Boracay's in-house restaurants . Located at the ground level, they serve all-day meals for guests and non-guests. The restaurant opens up to the outdoor pool which added to the tropical feel of the place.

I am definitely not a breakfast person, but when I saw the buffet spread (a mix of local and international breakie favorites), I just told myself that this will count as my brunch for the day. They also have a salad and bread stations for light-eaters.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Outdoor pool
I filled my plate with tocino, sausages, daing na bangus, fried eggs (from the egg station), fried noodles, garlic fried rice and fried fish fillet. I was about to dig in when an attendant asked me of my choice of drink, I mentioned black coffee with milk. After a few minutes, she came back with my coffee on a mug with a letter "C" printed on it, my initial. It brightened up my morning as I find it so sweet of her to know my name.

On a nearby table, there were four guests who were all surprised when some of the staff came in with a cake and sung the Happy Birthday Song. Apparently, there's someone celebrating his/her birthday and it was so sweet of the staff to have a mini celebration of it. 

We had three days of going around the famous spots in Boracay--places we failed to visit from our past trips--and we got to take Ferra Hotel's shuttle service. We would come back late in the afternoon and have our dinner at Ruf Resto Bar before we head to party at the White Beach. We also asked for their help for a chartered boat ride to an equally beautiful island paradise just thirty minutes away from Boracay, Carabao Island, which they happily provided (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay)

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Reception area
On our last morning, I jumped off the bed when I realized that it was past the breakfast time at the restaurant. I climbed down the loft and prepped some coffee, my buddy was still in dreamland. I grabbed the hot mug and sat on the wooden ledge while I peeped through the long heavy drapes. I was imagining my future house to have this kind of space, a small space where I could have my morning musings. My buddy stirred to wake that signaled mealtime. We love the food at Ferra Hotel Boracay and decided to just go to the restaurant and grab something to eat.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Lovin' the wooden ledge for the stairwell landing that also serves as work table
Luckily, they have all-day breakfast bowls that we got to try. My bowl, Breakfast Bibimbap (P180) was so good that I almost ordered a second one. My friends had Beef Tapa Bowl (P220) and Garlic Milkfish Bowl (P220) that were equally great.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
All-day breakfast bowls
Setting the bar high for my future hotel stays, Ferra Hotel Boracay knows how to take care of their guests. I felt the passion for their craft and everyone truly loves their work by giving genuine care to all the guests; the best personalized customer service ever. And this will not be the last as I heard that a second branch of Ferra Hotel Boracay will be opening soon! Can’t wait to be back on our home in Boracay.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Excited for the second branch of Ferra Hotel Boracay

Ferra Hotel Boracay (check for discounted rates here)
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