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It was almost sundown when we arrived at Penang’s Historic Core of Georgetown. The once fiery sky was turning into a subtle blue that blanketed Malaysia. We came out of our cab and were greeted by a staff who assisted us at the reception area. I immediately noticed the funky blonde wigs that the front desk representatives were wearing and the modern chic design of the hotel. Hotel Neo+ was our home for four days and the moms were too excited for this hip and fun experience.

Me and my buddy were on the first leg of our annual two-month backpacking trip, Same Same Summer Trip 2017, and for the first time, we were traveling with our moms. We specifically chose Malaysia to be our first stop as we consider it as our second home in Asia and somewhat know how to travel through its major cities. So after exploring Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, we took a flight to Penang for a weeklong adventure (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Penang).

Hotel Neo+ Penang
The view from our window
I’ve been to Penang around five times before and particularly would want to stay in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown for easier accessibility to the famed sights.

Coming from the airport, we booked online through a ridesharing app to get to the city center. It was rush hour during that time so the ride took longer than expected. We arrived on our home for four days around sundown.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
Hotel Neo+ Penang
We were dropped off in front of Hotel Neo+ Penang and were quickly assisted by the nice attendant to the reception area. The contemporary design of the lobby was made to life by the splashes of vibrant red hues as accent shades. Arriving from a very exhausting trip, the welcome was made more fun by the funky wigs that the front desk representatives were wearing.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
Modern. Hip. Fun.
Checking in was a breeze as we had prior online reservations (check for discounted rates here). We were four in the group (my mom and I plus my travel buddy and his mom) so we opted for two Standard Rooms on the same floor.

The modern and hip vibe from the lobby echoed through our spacious room. The clean design using neutral colors was made fun by cool accents such as the curvy work table and, again, splashes of red tones.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
Standard Room
A wardrobe closet rested on the wall near the main door and next to it was the mini bar with complimentary drinking water plus coffee and tea-making amenities. A mini bar was also available with drinks and snacks for sale. A luggage rack was next to it and there’s a full length mirror right across the rack.

There’s a door leading to the en suite toilet and bath which has a hot and cold shower plus bathroom amenities. Again, the sleek design of the hotel echoes through here.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
En suite toilet and bath
Moving on, I saw my mom resting on a red lounge chair as she tries to connect through the complimentary WiFi connection. She was telling me how simple yet beautifully designed the room was while connecting with her friends online (my mom is techie like that).

Our double bed was comfy with fluffy pillows and warm duvet. There’s also a montage of photos around scenic spots in Penang displayed above the bedhead. A mini ledge with night lamp that serves as side table was found on both sides of the bed.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
It's quite big for me and my mom
Across the bed, where my mom found her refuge, was a rack that serves as vanity corner/work desk and entertainment area. A flat screen TV with local and international cable channels rested on the wall.

I jumped into bed after I finished settling my stuff on the wardrobe closet. I was too tired to even check my social media accounts that I snoozed instantly. It was just brief though as my buddy woke me up while telling me that it’s time for dinner, and I couldn’t miss some great Penang food so I immediately jumped out of bed.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
Art and Soul Cafe
We wanted to have a few drinks that night but our bodies were aching for rest. So we got back home and rested like we’re paid to do so. I woke up the next morning to the sound of my mom pushing the heavy drapes aside that revealed the bright early morning light peeping through our room. She then mentioned that the breakfast time was nearing its end so we must go and grab a bite.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
Lemongrass Restaurant
Complimentary breakfast is served on the second level of the hotel. The Lemongrass Restaurant is where the guests converge each morning to get fueled for the day. The aroma of freshly cooked meals was very inviting that I immediately checked out the dishes.

The buffet spread was filled with local and international breakfast favorites. I loaded up my plate with fried noodles, fried chicken, hashbrowns, sausages, dim sum and noodle soup. I love how diverse the choices were for there were more options for vegetarians like the salad bar and for light eaters like the bread and rolls section.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
My breakie plate
The perfect location of Hotel Neo+ Penang made it easier for us to show our moms around. There’s a plant shop just around the corner in which they hoarded some rare cacti plants to bring home with. There were also some malls and hawker food centers nearby.

Hotel Neo+ Penang
Rooftop Swimming Pool
Commuting was easy as the main bus hub, KOMTAR, was just two blocks away from the hotel. Going home after our beer nights was also effortless as it’s close to some late night bars.

Hotel Neo+ Penang is a hip and modern hotel that provides not only comfort but fun stay while you’re in this historic town. A cool juxtaposition of old and the new was effortlessly made by the hotel. The staff were all cool and fun to talk with. I specifically love how the night guard ensured our safety by checking the cab each night we came home. Hotel Neo+ Penang wasn’t just about being a trendy hotel but everyone really makes sure that you’ll have a safe and comfy stay at the hotel.

Hotel Neo+ Penang (check for discounted rates)
68 Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Gergetown,
Pulau Pinang – Malaysia
Contact Number: (+60) 4.255.1000
Email Address:


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