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Beach. Food. Booze. Island life; the Boracay island life.

Food has always been a huge part of our trip, like always. Once you try to dig deeper into the rich culture and history of a certain place by mingling with locals and, of course, sampling the great dishes they have to offer, then you’d understand everything better. Plus, trying out local food is a fun way to unravel the local flavor, literally.

Me and my buddy combed the narrow alleys of Nepal to get the real deal about Nepalese cuisine. We also found refuge on the local eateries in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia to have a taste of what these countries have to offer. We were surprised on the unique flavor of Maldivian food in Maldives whilst staying on a local island. And I upped up my spiciness tolerance when I visited South Korea and Malaysia. And of course, Taiwan is the go-to place for the best tasting beef noodle soup and more. I guess, you’d be surprised on how diverse Asian culture is once you get to sample its cuisines; three meals a day wouldn’t suffice though.

Boracay Sunset
Boracay sunset at one of our dinner places, West Cove Boracay
If you’re a voracious eater (like us), then you’d be needing this random guide on getting the best-tasting Filipino food while you’re in the famous island of Boracay in the Philippines. Don't worry about that skimpy bikini of yours, it can handle your appetite; you can burn all those calories by simply walking along the 4-kilometer stretch of White Beach (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Boracay).

So check out my recent food hunt in Boracay Island.


Ruf Resto Bar
Sitio Bulabog, Balabag,
Boracay Island, Aklan
Contact Number: (+63) 36.288.1177 to 79
Email Address:
Open Hours: 5:00pm to 11:00pm

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Ruf Resto Bar is located on the rooftop of Ferra Hotel Boracay
Ferra Hotel Boracay was our home for three nights. Its perfect location at the city center made it easy for us to go around the famous beaches on the island (it has 12 beaches altogether). Ruf Resto Bar, one of its in-house restaurants, offers dining even for non-hotel guests. We had the chance to sample their Asian menu and enjoyed each meal on the hotel's rooftop. Check out some of my favorites on the menu.

Where To Eat In Boracay
Breakfast Bowls available from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm every day.
Beef Tapa Bowl P220 (House marinated beef, garlic rice, eggs, grilled tomato)
Garlic Milkfish P220 (Marinated bangus, salted egg rice, grilled tomato)
Breakfast Bibimbap P180 (Soy beef, stir friedvegetables, sesame, fried egg, bean chili)
Where To Eat In Boracay
Nasi Goreng P285
Indonesia spicy beef rice, egg, spring onion
One of my favorites, you could ask for a milder or spicier version of this.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Binakol P350
Chicken cooked in coconut juice, ginger, garlic, lemon grass
Tender chicken meat and creamy hot soup; tinola with a twist!
Where To Eat In Boracay
Satay sampler P385
Assorted skewers, peanut sauce
Tender and juicy meat with right amount of herbs and spice. One of my favorites!
Where To Eat In Boracay
Grilled sausage P380
Three different sausages, house fries and spicy ketchup
Perfect with the crunchy panini bread.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Calamares P280
Crispy squid rings, chili dust, honey mustard
This is so great that I almost finished everything!
Where To Eat In Boracay
Crispy tilapia P320
Deep fried tilapia. mango relish
The mango relish complemented the crispy fish fillet.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Banana langka spring roll P110
Banana and jackfruit spring roll, caramel sauce
The best turon in the world! Really a must-try (and I don't even have a sweet tooth).

Obama Grill Boracay
Station 1, Boracay Island, Aklan
Contact Number: (+63) 36.288.4971 | (+63) 917.313.1378
Email Address:
Open Hours: 7:00am to 12:00midnight

Obama Grill Boracay
Obama Grill's al fresco dining area
Imagine dining al fresco with a great view of the beach and the feeling of scrunching sand in your feet; we had that plus more. Walking along the shoreline of Boracay’s White Beach, we saw this unassuming grill house that looks more of a chill spot. Easily accessible through the main road, this was our lunch place and we couldn't be happier for our choice.

Where To Eat In Boracay
Gambas P490
Deboned baby prawns sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic bits and chili. Served with toasted garlic bread
This is so great that we had to order another one!
Where To Eat In Boracay
Tenderloin Salpicao P490
Tenderloin Angus USDA steak sauteed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Served with toasted garlic.
Tender and juicy meat smothered with garlic bits.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Bam-I P405
Traditional Ilonggo stir-fry noodles topped with seafood and vegetables
The perfect pair for grilled fares.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Obama Ribs P890 (medium-sized)
Obama Grill's famous grilled Spare Ribs
Tender, juicy and tasty spare ribs.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Tuna Panga P510
Grilled tuna (jaw)
Fresh, perfectly grilled, and amazing lemon butter dip. The star of the meal!
Where To Eat In Boracay
Banana roll ala mode P195
Wrapped banana with ripe jackfruit and cinnamon in spring roll wrapper deep-fried into golden brown.
Served with vanilla ice cream.
The perfect way to end our grilled feast!

Crisostomo Bar and Restaurant
Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island, Aklan
Contact Number: (+63) 36.288.4279
Email Address:
Entrance Fee for non-guests: P500 (consumable)

West Cove Boracay
Our dinner spot at West Cove Boracay
If you want an unobstructed view of the famous Boracay sunset, then you should go to Boracay West Cove. They accept non-resort guests on their public areas with an entrance fee of P500 per person which you could actually use when dining at Crisostomo Bar and Restaurant. 

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We were fortunate enough to try some of their best dishes, and we were even able to jump from their cliff diving spot! The radiant fiery glow of the sunset was the perfect way to end our day.

Where To Eat In Boracay
Healthy option for appetizer.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Funky kebab.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Saucy beef stroganoff.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Pork tofu. Perfect beer match.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Sizzling pork sisig. It's so good that we needed to order one more.
D'Mall Phase 4, Station 2, Boracay Island, Aklan
Contact Number: (+63) 36.288.6455 | (+63) 36.288.5564
Open Hours: Open 24 hours, Daily

Jammers Boracay
Beachfront | 24 Hours | Comfort Food | Not-so-friendly-borderline-rude staff
It was our last day on the island and we were looking for a bit of comfort food after the past few days of nothing  but traditional Filipino dishes. We then saw a burger shack that has been on the island for 15 years now. We thought of sampling their burgers right there on the beach. While we’re told once by an attendant that the food we ordered were expensive (maybe she thought we couldn’t pay for it), we laughed it off and didn’t bother replying. As for the food, some are good while some are not. 

Where To Eat In Boracay
Spaghetti meatballs P295
Didn't like it at all. Me missin' the sweetness Filipino spaghetti of Jollibee.
Where To Eat In Boracay
Bacon cheese burger P175
This is good! :)
Snoop Dog P185 (on the background)
Bacon-wrapped goodness :)

So there you go! Our latest food hunt on the famous party island in the Philippines. Until next time, Boracay!


  1. Sarap nung gambas! At sige na nga, pati burger ng jammers! Hehe

    1. Actually. Masarap mag food trip sa Boracay kasi tambay mode lang :)


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