Seda Vertis North: A Luxury Art Hotel in Quezon City

I was about to surrender to my snuggly bed when my mom mentioned her desire to hit the pool for a morning dip, she seemed really excited. I was in a lethargic mood though, all I wanna do that day was stay inside our room and relish our staycation at Seda Vertis North. But after seeing her eager eyes, I heeded her call and quickly grabbed my swimsuit. It’s one of those moments when you’d gladly trade comfort over happiness, especially with the ones you love.

Halfway through the hectic school year, I was invited for a staycation which included a treat for a companion. My mom, of course, is always ready for exciting adventures so I asked her to join me on a weekend of pampering. She’s been a widow for seven years now and it became one of my missions in life to provide her with simple joys to help her carry on with our loss (like when I tagged her along on my two-month backpacking trip around Southeast Asia last summer).

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Seda Vertis North is the newest and largest hotel at the heart of Quezon City. Its strategic location at the emerging business district of Vertis North makes it more accessible to business and leisure travelers alike. Having a staycation nearly three kilometers away from our home seems kinda strange, but my mom and I were both thrilled as it means a weekend of bonding for us.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Seda Vertis North, the Newest and Largest Hotel in Quezon City
I arrived at Seda Vertis North at around noon along with my mom, plus my travel partner and his mom as well. The hotel’s modern chic lobby was sleek, with clean design, and geometric patterns. The bright and spacious reception area was adorned with furniture from renowned designers like Kenneth Cobonpue and Vito Selma, to name a few.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Modern & Chic Lobby
There are also some sculpture works by Ann Pamintuan and art pieces by Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala that brightened the neutral tones of the space. I love how Seda Vertis North utilizes public spaces by adding artworks from local designers and artists. If you’re an art enthusiast, then you’d be surprised on how each space is turned into a compact art gallery.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Sculpture Pieces by Ann Pamintuan
Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Red Furniture Pieces by Kenneth Cobonpue
We were led at the Club Lounge on the 23rd floor where we had the private guest registration process. It was one of the privileges of Club Room guests, including all-day refreshments, mid-morning snacks, afternoon tea and cocktails.
My mom and I immediately went straight to our room right after. The classic, timeless design from the lobby echoed through our 32-square meter Club Room. The design, using neutral colors, was accentuated by the art piece on the headboard and splashes of purple and green tones from the throw pillows.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Club Room
An open layout was used for the wardrobe closet. Bathrobes, bedroom slippers, laundry bag, and electronic in-room safe were all available as well as a mini-bar with coffee and tea-making facilities.

There’s a wooden ledge that rested on a wall which holds the 40-inch LED TV and a USB charger with a number of cables for charging. Adjacent to it was a seating area with a round wooden table and ottoman that can be used either as a coffee nook or a work station. perfect, especially with a flexible LED desk lamp at its side.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Triangular Sofa Plus a Movable Round Table
Specific areas were clearly established in the en suite toilet and bath; there’s a separate stall for shower, an area for the toilet (although there’s no bidet) and a vanity area with lavatory. Hair dryer, electronic weighing scale, and bathroom amenities were also provided for.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Separate Stall for Shower
The focal point of the room was the king-size bed that was quite big for the two of us, The warm duvet and the fluffy pillows were too inviting, my mom declared. There were side tables on both sides complete with night lamps and charging docks as well.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Afternoon Treat
I went to the triangular sofa and took a peek on the view from the glass windows. Hidden behind the heavy drapes was a delightful scene of kids enjoying an afternoon swim at the outdoor pool. I restrained myself from hitting the pool right away for my mom was already famished. So off we went to our lunch place.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Misto is one of Seda Vertis North's in-house restaurants. This all-day dining restaurant can seat as many as 250 diners. It provides an extensive buffet spread both for guests and non-guests for daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The restaurant was packed with cheery diners at half past twelve. The aroma of freshly cooked meals filled the room as we were led to our seats.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
All-Day Buffet Restaurant
One of the notable things about Misto was how they utilize the space in order to provide a pleasing dining experience to its guests. The buffet stations were all located on one side of the room which made it simple and easy to navigate. A play with modern and classic furniture and light fixtures perks up the whole space making it the perfect place for both intimate and grand gatherings.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Communal Wooden Table
I inspected each and every station and noticed the diverse local and international cuisines they offer. They also have live cooking stations such as noodle, pasta, pizza (where you could customize your own pizza), and sisig (yes, you read it right).

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Noodle Station
Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Sisig Station
I walked past the soup and bread stations, then went straight to my comfort food, pizza and pasta. I asked for meaty tomato-based pasta which was immediately prepared by the resident pasta chef, Gian. I also hoarded six different flavors of pizza to complete the meal. My mom tried the crispy pata from the carving station plus some other dishes.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Create Your Own Pasta
I love everything but still, I was blown away by the options at the dessert and ice cream stations. Just a little backgrounder, I usually skip this part of my meal as I’m not into sweet stuff. But you know what, I went overboard and tried every ice cream flavor they have. I specifically went back for more scoops of avocado and green tea flavors.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Their Homemade Ice Cream is so Good!
Our full tummies prevented us from going out that afternoon. We originally planned on visiting the newest mall right beside the hotel but were too lazy to even get up from our bed. After lazing for hours, I suggested that we check out the cocktails being served at Club Lounge. My mom got thrilled with this idea so we prepped up and went up to the 23rd floor for the exclusive cocktail hours.

The serene ambience at the Club Lounge was made perfect by the panoramic view of my hometown from its glass windows. I grew up here and I remember growing up here with no tall buildings in sight except for the Quezon Memorial Monument. But seeing the fresh developments in Quezon City made me excited, it will definitely offer more opportunities for work and leisure for its residents.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Club Lounge
The group had a few glasses of wine and beer matched with hot and cold finger foods. The complimentary WiFi connection also allowed us to check our social media accounts as well.

We were contemplating on going out for dinner that night but excitement filled our eyes when I mentioned that we should check first the dinner buffet at Misto. We ended up with another food coma stint as we enjoyed the superb dishes and, yet again, the fabulous dessert offerings. We completed the satisfying dinner with a pot of green tea and more stories and whatnots.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
My Dinner Plate
Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
A Slab of Lechon Kawali
That night, the moms went to bed early while my buddy and I considered our options for some chill time. Seda Vertis North proudly houses the highest rooftop bar in Quezon City and of course, we have to check it. So we headed to Straight Up Roofdeck Bar at the 24th floor for a supposed one round of beer sesh that ended into an all-nighter. It was two in the morning when we decided to call it a day.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Straight Up Roofdeck Bar
The next morning, we went up again at Club Lounge for breakfast. We could’ve gone to Misto for more breakie choices but the relaxing and more intimate setting made us settle there.

Magandang Umaga Po! We were on my way to our breakfast place when I was greeted by a staff who’s manning our floor. We were again greeted in Filipino as we reached the Club Lounge. It felt nice to hear your native vernacular being used in a five-star hotel.

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After breakfast, my mom asked if we could spend our lull time swimming. Apparently, she was prepared, she brought her swimwear with her. So, to the pool it is.

We had a nice time at the pool doing laps and simply lounging around. And then it was the spa afterwards. Time to for a relaxing one-hour massage.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
For lunch, we were treated with a unique dining experience at Chef’s Table (which requires a prior reservation). I wasn’t expecting anything, but after we were herded inside the kitchen, I knew we’re in for a great time.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Chef's Table
An eight-course meal was waiting for us right in the middle of the kitchen, a unique formal table setting that used actual herbs, plants, and mushrooms to adorn the centerpiece. We witnessed how each dish was meticulously prepared. It was also quite nice how we could speak with the chef when we felt the need to; a totally novel way to have an intimate meal right where the action is.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Right Where the Action is
Our two-day hotel staycation felt fleeting. Time, indeed, flies fast when you're having fun.

Now more than ever, I’m more focused in creating wonderful memories with my mom. Seeing her happy definitely makes me happy as well. And Seda Vertis North, with its convenient location, was just the perfect place to relax without battling the stressful weekend stream of traffic. Another mom-and-daughter adventure charted on my memory bank.

Seda Vertis North Hotel Quezon City
Fiery Sunset in Quezon City
Seda Vertis North
Astra corner Lux Drives, Vertis North,
Quezon City 1105 Philippines
Contact Number: (+63) 2.739.8888
Email Address:
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