Herald Suites Polaris: Art Deco Themed Boutique Hotel in Makati

The weather was crazy that day—one moment it’ll rain then the sun will take a peek through the thick clouds the next. The group settled at Aurora Lobby CafĂ©. It was happy hour and we’re stuck in a good way inside the comforts of Herald Suites Polaris. The foggy window added a romantic charm to the Art Deco themed boutique hotel at the heart of Makati’s Poblacion area. For hours, we did nothing but laugh about almost everything, anything and nothing at all; a fun staycation once again.

The usual suspects (I have four guy friends who are my constant companions) were simultaneously together in Manila for once. It’s been awhile since we were together and the wet season prevented us to have a weekend road trip. Plus, our demanding day jobs are hindering us to take a break. But fortunately, an invite to check out the newest boutique hotel at the heart of Makati’s Poblacion area—our usual hangout spot in the city--came and we were all game for it (check here for discounted tours, transportation and activities in Manila).

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Herald Suites Polaris, A Boutique Hotel in Makati
Herald Suites Polaris is a 6-storey boutique hotel with 50 well-appointed rooms with only one room classification—Standard Room (Double or Twin beds options). It opened its doors to its guests last July 2017 and its perfect location makes it ideal for business and leisure travelers alike (check here for discounted room rates).  

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Custom Made Machuca Tiles
It was half past four in the afternoon when we arrived at the hotel. We were welcomed by a gracious staff and were treated to refreshing glasses of orange juice. The standard guest registration process followed afterwards.

The atrium layout serves as the focal point of the hotel as it provides natural lighting from the skylight. The custom designed Machuca floor tiles and wrought iron railings evoked of Art Deco style—luxury and glamour of the 1920s era.

We went straight to our respective rooms after we were handed the key cards. Some boarded the glass elevators while I took my leisure time and used the elegant staircase.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Function Room and Business Center
My room echoed the overall theme of the hotel. The wooden furniture and light fixtures highlighted the modern features of the room including the oh-so-lovely double size bed.  It wasn’t dated and not too modern as well; elegant and classy at its finest.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Standard Room (Double)
I specifically love the work station that also serves as a vanity dresser with its funky study lamp and elegant comfy chair.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Lovely Work Station
Earth tones and warm lights also added to the homey vibe of the space.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Homey Vibe
The en suite toilet and bath is fab with a fixed bathtub with hot and cold shower. Bidet is also available as well as toiletries.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Bubble Bath Anyone?
I inspected the room and noticed that the workmanship is spotless and impeccable. I jumped into my bed and cocooned under the warm duvet. I was about to take a journey into dreamland when I remembered that the group agreed on having a chill time at the hotel’s cafĂ©.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Art Deco Themed Hotel
Aurora Lobby CafĂ© is the in-house restaurant/cafĂ© of Herald Suites Polaris. They serve Filipino and Continental cuisines as well as various cocktail drinks from its service bar.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Aurora Lobby Cafe
I checked my options for the “happy hour” and purposely deviated from my usual beer fix. I noticed the unique cocktail fusions of locally produced liquors and opted for the Tropical Mudslide which had a mix of Amadeo coffee liquer, Intramuros cacao liquer, Very old captain rum, coconut rum and whipped cream. I love coffee and spirits so I knew that it was the perfect choice.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Cocktail with a Twist
Stories about travel and whatnots took over our afternoon. Indeed, it was happy hour that ended for two solid hours.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Charming and Romantic
We planned on going out for dinner that night but the sudden heavy downpour prevented us in doing so. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise since we got to sample the meals they offer for dinner.

We had a feast of Cream of Mushroom Soup, Fish and Chips, Bruschetta with Tapenade & Pesto, White Cheese & Tomato Salad, Mixed Seafood Al Oglio, Roasted Beef Belly, Lamb Tapa, Lamp Chops and Freshly Baked Brownies with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
White Cheese and Tomato Salad
Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Mixed Seafood Al Oglio
Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Freshly Baked Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
The chitchat went on as we waited for the food to be served. Oohhsss and aahhsss dominated our table as the dishes appeared one by one.

I specifically loved the Lamb Chops and Lamb Tapa. I don’t usually enjoy lamb dishes but Aurora Lobby CafĂ© made it more appealing thus, the hesitant me almost ordered another one because it was really good. The Roasted Beef Belly on the other hand was juicy and tasty with its perfect match of mashed potato.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Lamb Chops
Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Roasted Beef Belly
Overall, it was a lovely dinner at the comforts of our home for the night.

At ten in the evening, the night was still young so we decided to go out and have a bottle or two on our favorite bar just meters away from the hotel. That didn’t happen though as we saw a nearby karaoke place that we ended up on an all-nighter singing session that lasted for five hours. We effortlessly went back to the hotel in less than a minute at three in the morning, coming home to the warm smiles of the staff.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Warm Welcome
I woke up to the morning light peeping through my window. It was nine in the morning and my tummy was starting to grumble in protest. I immediately phoned my friends and met with them at Aurora Lobby Café where the complimentary breakfast is served.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Details | 1920s
For in-house guests, breakfast is included on the room rates and could be availed from 5:30 am to 10:00 am every day. A combination of plated meal and unlimited servings of breads and fruits were available that day.

I was greeted by a lovely staff and ushered me to our table. I was given the menu and was asked to choose among the breakfast plates of Continental, American, Filipino and Japanese (yes, they have this!). I was about to choose a Japanese set of Grilled Tuna when my eyes got fixated on the Tocino meal from the Filipino section, I need my sweet pork fix that morning so it won over the former choice.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Tocino Breakfast Plate
That morning, we spent the rest of our stay at the cafĂ© talking about our karaoke sesh the previous night and other trivial stuff. It’s fun how we never run out of things to chat about—the kind of friendship that you need not to consider things before you blabber about it. No uncomfortable silence or whatsoever.

Herald Suites Polaris Hotel Makati
Aside from the fact that it has the perfect location at Makati’s Poblacion area, the hospitality and warmth from their friendly staff added to the charm of this art deco themed boutique hotel. The beauty and elegance of Herald Suites Polaris echoed through its design, layout and overall service; the ideal staycation place for couples, families and buddies. We will definitely come back here soon.

Herald Suites Polaris (check for discounted rates)
45 Polaris Street, Bel-Air,
Makati City, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63) 2.816.7994
Email Address: polaris@heraldsuites.com


  1. Herald Suites Polaris: Art Deco Themed Boutique Hotel in Makati is really a good place to stay I think. The great architecture and the design is super amazing

    1. And the hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Makati City's Poblacion area. Perfect for night-outs :)

  2. Wow looks like a nice place to stay.


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