Scooting to Australia: My Best Flight to Date

My eyes were glued on the view outside from my huge cabin window, the early morning sun glimmered towards the endless greens. It was my first ever flight outside of Asia and I was anxious and excited at the same time. I looked inside our gorgeous Boeing 787 Dreamliner and everyone was fixated on whatever they’re doing, settled on their comfy seats. My buddy, still asleep, was in his most comfy position with his seat reclined and legs freely unfurled. And as I return to my window musings, the flight attendant came up to me and mentioned that it’s time for breakfast. Our Scoot flight to Sydney, Australia was definitely the best flight experience we had thus far.

I could still remember vividly how it felt for the first time. The exhilaration when you ascend to the top and the nervous feeling when you immediately descend and then finally, you’re creeping inside the clouds. It was as if I was on a rollercoaster ride. I’m glad that I was with my mom during that time. Her assurance that everything will be alright was all I needed to calm down. My first ever plane ride was notable ‘coz it was the moment when the ten-year old me started to dream bigger.

It’s been eight years now since I started to realize that traveling ignites my passion to dream. And as a public school teacher for almost ten years, it has been a challenge for me to explore the world with meager means to support my travels.

Last February, my favorite travel buddy and I embarked on a trip that meant so much to us. It was my first ever trip outside of Asia and it felt different. Australia was never in our travel plans but somehow, it was fate that brought us there (if you ever believe in those things).

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
The Future is Yellow
Planning our laid back backyard wedding was easy breezy, but the celebratory trip afterwards (or should we call it honeymoon in Australia) was challenging. We originally planned on going to Japan for winter but when a friend mentioned how he loved his recent trip to Sydney, we reconsidered our options.

Initially, we applied for a tourist visa in which we successfully passed after consulting with One Vine Migration (check my guide on how to get approved on your Tourist Visa in Australia). Feeling that it was truly meant for us, we checked and compared airfares going to Sydney on different online flight checker websites. We then realized that a trip to Australia for us was feasible with the promotional fares of low-cost carriers.

We ended up with a sponsored flight to Sydney on Scoot with a layover in Singapore which we didn’t mind at all as we really love hanging out at Changi Airport and going out of the city to have laksa and yong tau foo. Plus, the Singapore to Sydney flight onboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be an adventure in itself.

Check out Scoot’s year-round fares to key cities in Australia from Manila via Singapore;

Manila to Sydney Cheap Flight

We’re hardcore cheapos. We could easily trade our comforts just to save a few bucks for more food trip sessions on our destination. What I love about Scoot is that it is not your typical low-cost carrier because the routes from Singapore to Australia points are operated on their superior Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts which means that the overall comfortable experience will not be compromised considering that it’s a long-haul flight.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Boeing 787 Dreamliner, baby!
FlyBagEat fare bundle was provided for us by Scoot so we need not to worry about our luggage and onboard meals.

So now, I’m sharing my best flight so far with Scoot.

Manila to Sydney via Singapore 

Manila to Singapore

Our Manila to Singapore flight was scheduled at 6:05 in the morning and we got to NAIA Terminal 1 at around 4:00.

After paying the travel tax (₱1,620 each), we went straight to Scoot's check-in counter. There was a long queue when we got there but the ground attendants were efficiently attending to each and every passenger. In no time, it was our turn.

NAIA Terminal 1
NAIA Terminal 1
Checking in was a breeze and we were given two boarding passes each for the two segments; Manila to Singapore and Singapore to Sydney. We were then reminded that we'll be seeing our checked-in bags on our final destination, the next day.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Manila to Singapore Flight
See you in Sydney!
We were cleared at the immigration after queuing for ten minutes, the perks of an early morning flight on a weekday.

Boarding procedures were done systematically and people were asked to board depending on their row numbers per area.

The plane was packed but I didn't feel it as we were seated on the row at the emergency exit window which means that we got more legroom compared to others.

Assigned on a window seat, I observed as we slowly ascend and reached the heavens until we were enveloped with clouds. The morning sunshine was glimmering on the horizon and I heard a familiar sound, the seat belt sign was turned off. I could smell the aroma of breakfast meals being prepared.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Manila to Singapore Flight
Teriyaki Chicken meal
Our Scoot FlyBagEat flight included onboard meals and I had a Teriyaki Chicken meal while my buddy had Signature Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay meal (SGD17 each).

I love how tender and tasty my chicken was as well as the fragrant rice. We had a choice of Jasmine green tea or soda for drinks. The meal also included Ritter Sport chocolate which we both loved (considering that me and my buddy are not into sweet stuff).

I flipped through the pages of Scoot's inflight magazine and halfway through, my eyes started to squint. And I went to dreamland in no time.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Manila to Singapore Flight
Manila to Singapore via Scoot
I was awoken by my buddy while everyone was getting ready for the landing, it was nine in the morning. My three-hour sleep rejuvenated me for a full day of wandering around Singapore. With our 16-hour layover, we got to meet our friend and had a gastronomic adventure of nothing but amazing Singaporean and Malay dishes.

Singapore to Sydney

We already had our boarding passes with us on the next segment of our flight so all we needed to do was to get cleared from the immigration and go directly to our assigned gate—hassle-free and no fuss. It was 1:45 in the morning.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Flying out of Asia for the first time :)
Boarding was done efficiently just like on the first leg. We were assigned on the ScootinSilence zone which is in between the economy and business class or ScootBiz. Located at the front of all 787 Dreamliners, there’s an exclusivity feel to it as no kids under the age of 12 years old is allowed here. Perfect for businessmen and long-term travelers who need to have peace and quiet time during flights.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
ScootinSilence zone
Seats and legroom are also some of the concerns for long-haul flights. Super seats with 34-inch seat pitch and 30% more legroom and Stretch seats with at least 34-inch seat pitch and 50% more legroom are available; both of which have adjustable headrests (which we totally love!). We booked Stretch seats on the first front row seats for optimum relaxation.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
All of the Scoot cabin crew during our flights were very accommodating.
It was weird but the thrill of my first ever plane ride was coming back to me as I was settling on my seat. I was excited and anxious at the same time—fidgeting every thingamajig on our seats.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Spacious legroom for Stretch seats option
Everything went to blur afterwards.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Right at your fingertips
The spacious legroom and comfy seat lulled me to sleep. The moment I laid my head on the adjustable headrest and reclined my seat, it felt like I was at the comfort of my own bed. Curled like a baby, I snoozed effortlessly.

I woke up to the aroma that filled the cabin. It was time for breakfast.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay premium meal
We had premium meals which include a deluxe hot meal, 2 deluxe sides and a drink. I had Signature Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay while my buddy ordered for Nasi Lemak (SGD21.99 each). Our lovely brekkie was filling and tasty while traveling on Australian airspace.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Large smart glass windows on Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft
As we nursed our full tummies, we shifted our view towards the window. Larger than any other civil air transport in-service or in development, we noticed that it doesn't have the typical plastic window shades but a control on the cabin wall where you could adjust the levels of sunlight and visibility depending on your liking using electrochromism-based smart glass. Amazing, I know.

I then realized that we were also provided with ScooTV and Scoot Wi-Fi so I asked assistance from a flight attendant which gladly helped me with everything.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Stay connected even during long-haul flights
It was my first time to get connected during a flight (available for purchase from USD5.99) and post a real-time Instagram video about our Scoot flight to Sydney. Cool, eh?

I also watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, for the nth time, using ScootTV. There are so many movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. for you to choose from.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Inflight entertainment right at your own smartphone
You'll never run out of things to do on a Scoot flight especially if you have an almost eight-hour flight.

We safely landed at Sydney Airport, got cleared on the immigration and grabbed our backpacks which we haven't seen for over a day. Gladly, our bags were complete and undamaged.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Sydney Flight
Australian landscape
Our two-week honeymoon Autumn getaway covered four key destinations in Australia—Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane. And with discounted tours, activities and transportation from Klook App, our ever-reliable travel partner, we got to visit some of the famous sights and landmarks of the country. It was a short stay but we definitely enjoyed every moment and we will surely be back for more adventures.

Gold Coast to Manila via Singapore

Gold Coast to Singapore

Going back home, we were provided with Gold Coast to Manila flight via Singapore by Scoot. Again, we were excited for our two-hour layover as we missed Asian food after two weeks of Australian steak and chips.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
Gold Coast Airport
Checking in was a breeze and we were advised that our bags will be collected on the final destination which is in Manila.

Boarding was executed very well and it was cool that we didn’t use a jet bridge to get inside the plane, a chance to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in all its grandness.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
We're going back home
Even if I already knew what to expect on this flight, there's this feeling of excitement as we approached the plane. I took quick snaps of it as it was radiating with the early morning 9 o'clock sun.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
Good morning, Barry!
I was assigned, again, on a window seat but offered it to my buddy as he adores beautiful landscapes. He would always check on our location using GPS as we had, yet again, Scoot Wi-Fi. We also got to try the in-seat power with standard 110V/60HZ charging outlet underneath our seats (available for purchase from SGD5).

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
In-seat power at ScootinSilence zone
Our meal was served after an hour of takeoff. Mine was Beef and Mushroom Lasagna meal while my buddy had Teriyaki Chicken meal (SGD17 each). My lasagna was meaty and creamy, perfect with my soda. 

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
Beef and Mushroom Lasagna meal
Onboard meals and snacks were also available for purchase. I was stunned when I saw a passenger paying via credit card during the flight. Amazing!

I checked out Scoot's inflight magazine and noticed that it was a new edition. I then realized that it was already March and we flew to Sydney in February.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
Hassle-free inflight purchase using credit card.
This time around, I just had a quick nap and enjoyed the flight afterwards. The almost eight-hour flight felt fleeting as we took pleasure on the inflight entertainment from ScooTV and Scoot Wi-Fi.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Gold Coast to Singapore Flight
Rainbow mood light
A quick two-hour layover at Changi Airport let us had a quick chow at the endless dining options inside. We had laksa, kaya toast and teh.

Singapore to Manila

We were given our boarding passes for the two segments of our flight in Gold Coast as we checked in. So all we needed to do was to recheck our boarding gate as we arrived at Changi Airport. Boarding procedures were expedited in an orderly manner, as usual.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Manila Flight
Makhani Chicken with Basmati Rice meal
Our almost four-hour flight was relaxing as we got to chat about our two-week Australian adventure while having our meals (Makhani Chicken with Basmati Rice meal at SGD17 each). I then snoozed effortlessly, as expected, waking up to the sound of the captain’s landing notice. And for the fourth time, we enjoyed our Scoot flight back to our home base.

Scoot 787 Dreamliner Singapore to Manila Flight
Hello there, neighbor :)
As with our past trips, our honeymoon adventure was realized in spite of our measly budget. With so much savings on flight costs while not letting go of the comfort, we had spare money that we used for our daily expenses in Australia. Truly, Scoot provides Filipinos the opportunity to travel to many exciting points in Australia without the worry of overspending. 

And our journey as a newly-wed couple has just started. We'll be making more memories as we discover the world one happy place at a time, together. Australia was our first trip as husband and wife and the journey to the country was made more fun and exciting with our Scoot flight experience. This will not be the last one, that's for sure.

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