My Experience with Jumpspeak: Overcoming My Fear of Speaking Spanish

Hello, fellow language learners!

I’ve been hopping around different language apps for a while, trying to find one that really clicks. That’s when I came across Jumpspeak. It’s an AI-powered app that promises to get you speaking a new language from the get-go. I chose Spanish for my trial run, and here’s an honest look at my experience with it.

Speaking from Day One: A Bit Intimidating but Fun

The idea of speaking Spanish right from the start sounded intimidating, but it was also exciting. Jumpspeak plunges you into actual conversations instead of just memorizing grammar rules. It was a refreshing change, though a bit overwhelming at first.


A Plethora of Topics: Sometimes a Hit, Sometimes a Miss

With over 1,000 topics to choose from (according to their website), you’re bound to find something that interests you. I enjoyed discussing Spanish films one day and then switching to sports the next. However, some topics felt a bit out of my depth, especially as a beginner.


AI Speech Feedback: Helpful but Not Flawless

The real-time AI speech feedback aims to improve your pronunciation. It’s a useful feature, though not always perfect. Sometimes it didn’t catch my mistakes, or it was too nitpicky about my accent. Either way, it was very helpful getting that immediate feedback on my speaking skills.


17 Languages: Great Variety, but I Stuck to One

While Jumpspeak offers 17 languages, I can only speak for my experience with Spanish. It’s nice to have options, though.


AI Tutor: Fully Dynamic Conversations!

The AI Tutor product was quite magical in that it would allow me to have fully dynamic conversations and role-play in real-life scenarios. THe feature gave me personalized feedback to help with grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. While it was helpful in some aspects, there were times it corrected me in ways that felt a bit off. I’d take its suggestions with a grain of salt and perhaps consult additional resources. I would assume they are improving this a lot.


100-Day Money-Back Guarantee: A Safety Net

The 100-day money-back guarantee is reassuring. It’s good to know there’s an option to back out if it’s not working for you, and it’s why I tried it.


Cost: Fair, considering the alternatives

I initially joined Jumpspeak and see it as a comparable solution to having a tutor. At $79/year (USD), this is a steal, considering what I was paying for a tutor. It’s also reasonably priced compared to some other language apps. Still, it’s an investment, so consider your budget and how committed you are to learning a new language.


My Personal Journey: A Mix of Triumphs and Challenges

My journey with Spanish on Jumpspeak has been quite fruitful, and I’m very impressed with how advanced their AI technology works. I can see myself having made noticeable progress within just a small amount of time. The app’s layout is intuitive, and learning feels more like a conversation than a classroom exercise. But there were times when the feedback was off. My recommendation for complete beginners is to use it with a vocabulary learning app as well. 

In summary, Jumpspeak is the ideal product especially if you’re eager to start speaking a new language right away and improve your confidence in your skills. I’ll continue to use it for Spanish and hopefully future languages I plan on learning!

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