RotyPeaks Ridge Camp: Unveiling the Beauty of Bukidnon

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

I spent all the afternoon lounging on the cargo nets where I was enjoying a 360-degree view of the Kitanglad Mountain Range in Bukidnon. I was on my third cup of coffee and for the first time after so many years, I felt in control of everything that was presented to me. No need to hurry. No dramas to deal with. No reason to speak to anyone. Engaging in a solo trip was the perfect way to spend my 40th birthday, I’m so glad that I did it.

No, I wasn’t “escaping” my wonderful life with my two boys but I just had this feeling that I needed to do something for my 40th birthday, and going on a solo trip came into my mind ‘coz my introverted self isn’t a fan of birthday parties and lavish gifts.

Getting There

Bukidnon was a longtime dream destination for me. I don't know why, but something is charming about this place that makes me want to go there. So after spending three days in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro, I took a bus from Agora Bus Terminal and got off at Impasug-ong Tourism Center, I paid ₱120 for the bus fare and it took me almost 3 hours to get there.

Kitanglad Mountain Range Bukidnon

I decided to stay at RotyPeaks Ridge Camp in the town of Impasug-ong after doing online research. I sent an inquiry via their social media pages and received a link to their website's booking page. I immediately received the confirmation email, and the process was quick and simple. 

I paid ₱1,500 for an overnight stay at their A-Frame Kubo for 2 persons which included the entrance fee. There was also a processing fee of ₱50 for booking online and I also booked for a breakfast meal at ₱230 for the next day. In addition, I reserved a habal-habal driver, for which I will pay in cash when I get there. I just checked their website and the A-Frame Kubo accommodation that I booked last January 2024 is now at ₱2,500 with free breakfast.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

Upon arriving at Impasug-ong Tourism Center, I paid the Environmental Fee of ₱20. The day before and on the way to the town, I was constantly messaging the provided contact number telling them of my estimated time of arrival and such. I would get a couple of messages telling me that I would be picked up by an assigned rider as soon as I arrived there.

I waited for two hours but there wasn’t anyone who’d pick me up. The staff at the tourism center were all concerned about my welfare and told me they could help me find a different habal-habal driver instead. However, I was adamant about waiting for the assigned driver.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

To put it briefly, there is a problem with the way management communicates with guests, as evident in online reviews.

So I was finally picked up by Esen, a driver they sent, who told me that the original driver was stuck somewhere.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Habal Habal

The next hour turned out to be the most challenging motorcycle ride I’ve ever experienced. The winding uphill and downhill slopes were slippery, muddy, rocky, and bumpy. It was drizzling at times and sunny most of the time. There were times that I would just close my eyes to avoid seeing the ravine.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Habal Habal

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Grounds

I arrived at RotyPeaks Ridge Camp and expressed my gratitude to Esen for making the trip safe despite the challenges. He left me at the receiving area and I waited for someone to approach me, but no one came. So I just stayed there and enjoyed the view.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

Some visitors stayed for a while and took photos then left, I assume they were just there for a day trip. I started to walk around and noticed that the ridge stretched unbroken across the mountain range. I then came across a wooden shack that sells snacks and drinks, mostly 3-in-1 coffee packets and instant noodles.

I spotted a guy who seemed to be the chief person as he collected payment from day-trippers and politely asked for a point person for guests. He double-checked the names of the guests in his notes and asked me to settle my balance. After that, he mentioned that the room wasn’t ready yet so I would just have to wait, it was around 11:30 am.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

I prepared myself some coffee that I brought with me and enjoyed the magnificent view from the public spaces and decks. Perched high above the surrounding valleys, the panoramic view of RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Bukidnon was truly captivating. There were several simple accommodation options for solo or group travelers from tents to cabins.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon


There were toilets and shower rooms but it was basic. Just do take note that they use rainwater for flushing so use it appropriately. There's no electricity in the area and they use solar-powered lights to light up the place at night. So make sure you keep your gadgets fully-charged when you go here. 

I tried both of the swings that looked like what they have in Bali. The swing hung suspended from a sturdy pine branch and as I swung into the air, I felt the crisp mountain breeze brushing through my face. The air carries the scent of pine needles and below, the mountain plunges steeply.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

There’s also a cargo net suspended high above the rugged ridge where I stayed to relax and feel connected with nature. Below, the terrain drops away sharply, offering breathtaking views of the Kitanglad Mountain Range of Bukidnon.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

It was two in the afternoon when one of the cleaners told me that my kubo was ready, no keys were given and no one helped me with my bags.


The A-Frame Kubo was a basic native hut with just a mattress, pillows, blanket, and solar-powered light. It had an extended flooring that served as a terrace with a great view of the mountains.

A-Frame Kubo RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

I sat for a while and then went back outside to explore the ridge camp. It was around four in the afternoon and the only guests left were those who’d stay for the night.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

Ridge Hike

I went further and reached a point where there were grazing cows and goats. The sun was about to set when I reached a bird’s nest lounge and took my time to relax there. This area, with its 360-view of Kitanglad Mountain Range, is perfect for Instagram-worthy photos.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

As the sun set, darkness enveloped and silence reigned at the ridge camp. I went back to my hut and lounged on the terrace for a while, the stillness broken by the occasional rustle of leaves or distant chirp of birds.

Kitanglad Mountain Range Bukidnon

There’s a sense of profound solitude during that cold, crisp air in the vast expanse of the night sky. I never felt alone, rather, I felt a deep connection with myself and nature all around.

I effortlessly slept at eight in the evening and woke up at five the next morning. I’ve lingered some more in bed while cocooned in the warmth of my blanket. I carried on with my morning musings on my terrace, looking at the vast mountains that stretch endlessly into the distance. The sea of clouds moved with the wind and sometime parting that revealed distant valleys in soft morning light. I then heard the silent grumble of my tummy.

Kitanglad Mountain Range Bukidnon


I went to the common area and asked them for my meal. It was a quiet morning and there weren’t any guests yet. I enjoyed my simple meal of pork tocino, fried eggs, steamed rice, and coffee. It was the perfect morning until it started to drizzle.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

It was drizzling for the most part but the sun tried to show up as well. The rest of the morning was spent at a table having more than my usual cups of coffee.

Esen, my designated driver, kept on updating me on my pick-up time, and at ten in the morning, when the sky had cleared, we started our journey back to the foothill. I couldn’t say that the ride was easier this time but I got used to it.

RotyPeaks Ridge Camp Impasug-ong Bukidnon

The standard rate for the roundtrip ride was ₱700 but I had the option to continue with a quick tour around Impasug-ong for ₱1,200 so we went on with it.

Communal Ranch

We started the tour at the 649-hectare Communal Ranch, which is owned by the government and available for people to graze their cattle on for a small annual fee. When a movie was filmed here in 2008, it became extremely popular and helped to put Bukidnon on the map for Philippine domestic travel.


Lovers' Lane

Our next stop was the Lovers' Lane View Deck along Old Atugan Highway which offers a picturesque view of the mountains and valleys. No entrance fee was collected here and it’s open to the public.


Esen suggested that we go to a public swimming pool next and other places but I told him that I’m good with the two spots he showed me. He then dropped me off at the tourism center where I waited for a bus that goes back to Cagayan de Oro City.

Final Thoughts

I would come back to RotyPeaks Ridge Camp in the future but I will not stay overnight. The steep prices of their basic accommodations and the non-existent customer service are so disappointing that I would rather spend my night somewhere else where I'd feel much more welcome. 

Nonetheless, Bukidnon is a huge province in terms of land area and I know that I only explored a small fraction of it. I’m truly blessed to immerse myself in just a tiny portion of what it can offer. Having experienced what it's like to be on top of a mountain from a comfortable vantage point, even if I don't consider myself a hiker, made me feel very much fulfilled. Definitely, on my next trip, I would spend more time exploring Bukidnon.

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