Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Pines – Melaka, Malaysia

Where To Stay In Melaka Malaysia

For four days we woke up whenever we wanted to and went out whenever we felt like it. Our morning coffee sessions were spent alongside Melaka River and then finished the last season of our favorite series in the comforts of our room. It seems like a staycation but no, we’re on a four-day holiday in Melaka, a far cry from last year’s 23-hour quick trip to the Historic City of Malaysia. The Pines Melaka was our home for four days and we couldn’t be much happier.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Beach Hop Asia 2016

Backpacking Asia 2016

Seven tops. Four bottoms. Two dresses. Four swimsuits. Two cameras. Numerous vitamins and meds. Sunscreen. Snorkel gear. Laptop. Cellphone. sarong, flip flops and sunnies. That’s my life out there for two months, all inside my 40-liter backpack. Because all you need is a handful of stuff and lotsa sense of wander and exploration. I worked hard for ten months so why not play harder for two months eh?

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Anak, ano’ng gusto mo maging paglaki mo?
Papa, gusto ko po maging pre-school teacher…
Ha? Sayang naman ang binabayad namin sa tuition mo ngayong high school ka kung mag-teacher ka lang pala…

True story. Ouch. Medyo tumagos sa puso ko ang usapang narinig ko. Masakit pakinggan. Pero sa isang banda natatawa na lang din ako sa reaksyon ng magulang, alam ng anak niya ang gusto niya pero hindi ito ang gusto ng ama nito. Bakit? Dahil teacher lang?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sarangani: Beaches of Glan

Gumasa Beach Glan Sarangani

It was as if we’re inside an oven. Our supposedly AC van from General Santos City to the town of Glan in Sarangani wasn’t an easy ride at all. Me and my buddy were at the last row of this almost dilapidated van with our huge backpacks on our laps. I couldn’t move nor feel the AC, everyone felt the same. We opened the windows to let some air in but the intense heat of Sarangani was killing me. And then engine trouble. I was about to throw my biggest tantrum of the year when I noticed how everyone was just giggling about the situation as some of the passengers pushed the van to kick start it. And I realized how could I complain when they were all so cool about it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lake Sebu: Waterfalls, Cruise, Tilapia and Booze

What To Do In Lake Sebu South Cotabato

After a butt-numbing whole day habal-habal tour around town, me and my buddy retired on a roadside shack that serves food and booze. The modest eatery had the perfect view of Lake Sebu with its glowing reddish orange skyline. And it was perfect; the sun setting on the highlands of South Cotabato while we were starting to booze up. A kilo of freshly caught crispy fried Tilapia landed on our table, and then everything went black (rotational brownout in Mindanao), and then a romantic candlelit drinking sesh.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort - Lake Seloton, South Cotabato

Lake Seloton Lake Sebu South Cotabato

I went out of our room for what supposedly just a temp check when I incidentally gazed on the horizon. It was a playful display of colors as the heavens started to transform. I went back to the room, woke my buddy up and grabbed my camera. We hurriedly went near the lake and watched as one of the spectacular shows on earth came before us. Lake Seloton was calm and serene as the sun started to emerge, and we were such ardent admirers.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Tropical Paradise of Kalanggaman Island - Palompon, Leyte

Kalanggaman Island Palompon Leyte

The sandbar of Kalanggaman Island was filled with several beach frolickers and selfie masters. We deviated and went away from the crowd; we escaped and got lost. And then we discovered another sandbar. But there was a problem; we needed to swim to get there. My buddies dismissed the idea right away as I was prepping for the short swim. Quickly, I ran off the rocky side of the beach and started paddling and treading until I reached the deserted sandbar. I ran like a kid in a toy store and could've done a few cartwheels if I could.