Three-Day Stay at CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC)

Okay. So maybe you've read so much about CamSur Watersports Complex by now so I will go straight to tour overnight experience. If you're still thinking about dropping by here for some heart-pumping water sports or probably just to have a quick escape from the metro, then you should read this.

It was last June 9, 2010 when we arrived at Naga City, it was around 5:00 a.m. We left Araneta Bus Terminal in Cubao at 9:00 p.m.-an eight-hour journey with a couple of stopovers. 

We were collected by his relatives (his mom's hometown is in Pili, Camarines Sur) and they accompanied us to CamSur Watersports Complex to inquire about their accommodations, that was around 6:00 a.m. Supposedly, the check-in time should be after lunch but they let us in at that time, with no extra fee or what, so that's like half-day free. 

Where to stay near Camsur Watersports Complex - Click below to see room rates and discounts.

We opted to stay in one of their "container rooms", it really is a container van that they transformed to a luxurious room with all the basic necessities for a comfortable stay. P 1,200 is their daily rate and they asked us if how many days are we staying. We said 2 days and they asked  for a P 1,000 down payment and a P 500 deposit for the key (just in case we lose it). 

From the outside, the rooms were like container vans with a pocket garden outside, nothing special. But when you get inside, it's nice and luxurious, thinking that it's an old container van from the pier. You cannot imagine how'd they do it but it's amazing.  

The container room had a hotel-standard amenities including queen-sized bed, cable t.v., toilet and bathroom with hot and cold shower. 

The door to the left leads to the toilet and the right one is the main door.

After napping for like 1 hour, we started to check out the complex. It's big so going around is actually a form of exercise and relaxation in itself. We went to the Clubhouse and Restaurant Bar for breakfast. They serve traditional Filipino and Western breakfast sets. I ordered the classic Tocilog (P100) and he ordered Cheeseburger with fries (P110). The food was okay, nothing special. It's too early to order their famous pizza, the "BICOLANO SPECIAL" (spicy laing, Bicol express, mozzarella cheese, sprinkled with crispy bagoong-P160). We again went around and saw the wakeboarding facilities (which we'll try on the 3rd day).

Nice thing to point out about CWC is that they have a free shuttle service to the main highway or a scheduled shuttle to and fro SM Naga. After a quick tour around, we asked for a ride to the main highway 'coz we are going to Mt. Isarog waterfalls or Consocep with his relatives. 

After our fun trip to Consocep Falls, we rode a Naga-bound bus and went to SM Naga to buy some supplies. There's a shuttle going to CWC at 7:00 p.m. so we weren't worrying about how to go back (there are schedules throughout the day). Just ask the guards around to where does the shuttle bus parks and just wait there. The driver will ask you if where exactly are you checked in so as to drop you directly to your area. After dropping the stuff we bought from the grocery, we went around to bum around the Clubhouse. 

Waiting for sunrise

The next day, we woke up at around 6:00 to catch the sunrise. We had cup noodles and coffee for breakfast. And we then strolled around. After our morning rituals, we rode the shuttle to the main highway for our much-awaited Atulayan Island trip
The massage area of CWC.

And now...the Water Sports. A friend and her family followed us on our third day. They were there for the knee and wake boarding. 

My friend and her family

We headed to the Information Area and inquired about it. We've decided to avail of the 1-hour knee boarding and wake boarding package. We paid P165 for it and another P500 which is the deposit for the equipment (refundable after you return it). There are rides for an hour, half day and whole day. Morning 'till night.

There was a briefing (for first-timers) on knee boarding before we plunged into the water.

First attempt...failed, I didn't get to turn and I sank, good thing they also briefed us on how to "sink properly".

The second attempt was a success. And we went on to try at the beginner's "Winch Park"

We headed off to Winch Park (area in which the speed of the cables are relatively slower than in the regular one, also, the course is smaller). We were also briefed about wake boarding stuff.

Success! It was a smooth ride 'till the end. The instructors were so patient and kind enough to teach us the proper techniques in riding. And because it was on the month of June, only 2 groups were in the park to take turns. 

It was such an amazing experience to try both the knee and wake boarding. You will feel tired after but there's this feeling of achievement. My arms were sore and my muscles were aching but the feeling is priceless (considering that I am not into physical stuff). Overall, you should try this one. Even just for an hour. I'm coming back and I will try their whole day pass to all activities. 

We had fun! And we checked out before lunch and they asked us to pay for a certain "electricity fee". Apparently, the rates doesn't come with the usage of the electricity. But then, I told them that we were out most of the day and didn't consume much. They agreed and we didn't pay a single centavo on that. They also returned the deposit for the keys. We then headed to Albay to a friend's wedding and hailed one of their free shuttles up to the main highway. 

CamSur Watersports Complex rocks! I will surely be back there and try their Lago del Rey activities. Happy vibes! :)


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