Random Photos: Masked Rider Skeleton

Do you recall the last time you saw something strange? Have you ever been stopped by an officer because of a traffic violation, like not wearing your seatbelt while driving? Have you ever been fined for jaywalking? Have you ever done community service because of  loitering after curfew hours? What am I pointing out?

It's this one...
Let us all meet masked rider skeleton!
What the heck was he thinking? I was crossing a street in Quezon City yesterday when I saw this creepy skeleton thing that looks like a truck (good thing I am holding my phone and captured this, he was fast huh). To heck with Number Coding and Helmet Law in the Metro. This 10-wheeler truck (supposedly) is far from being safe (you can't see the rest of the "truck" 'coz I panicked and captured only this). Good thing(?) that the driver was wearing a helmet for protection (so is this the part where I'm supposed to laugh?). Too bad he's not wearing any seatbelt, tsk tsk tsk. Calling all enforcers, MMDA and concerned citizens, can we get the attention of this man and let's save him and the public. Whatever happened to public safety huh? Hmmm...

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