Random Photos: Doggy Back Ride

Dogs. Either you love 'em or hate 'em. But how about the dog owners? Hmm... Look at this interesting photo...

Doggy back ride
My family and I were passing by EDSA last November when we saw this one. I grabbed my camera and took this photo. This was in the Gate 5, Greenhills area of EDSA in Metro Manila, approaching Ortigas. The driver was fast! And back riding seems normal for the dog. There were no "seatbelts" or anything for the dog. Just pure balancing act. I dunno if I should be proud of the dog for maintaining perfect balance, or be mad at the driver for sacrificing the life of a dog, but this is quite strange and cute noh? Truly, only in the Philippines!


  1. Whatever that is, ayoko pa rin nilalagay ang dog sa alanganin. Pag nakakakita ako ng mga ganyang amo, kumukulo na dugo ko. Affected?! hahah! Eh I love dogs kasi

  2. ganyan din reactions ng mga pet lover friends ko...pero I heard na frequent motorist daw silang dalawa sa EDSA eh..tsk tsk


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