BOHOL: Hanging Bridge

Right after our fun Man-made forest pictorial, we went to the Hanging Bridge. It's our 4th stop on our way to Loboc River Cruise for our buffet lunch. (we were really hungry that time that we can skip this one and go straight to the cruise but we opted to push through with it). 

The Hanging Bridge is located on the stretch of the Loboc River. It is 25 meters above the river. There are two footbridges; one for entrance and the other is for exit. There is a 10-peso fee just for crossing the bridge.

this footbridge is for the entrance
It is made up of bamboo with steel handrails. If you have fear of heights, fear of shaking and fear of falling then you'll be terrified. But if it doesn't bother you then it would be fun fun fun! 

If you're crossing it with some tourists then you won't feel the shaking that much. But if you're all alone or with a small group crossing it (we were three), then you could feel the shaking so hard that even a single step would move the bridge in a scary way. When we were in the middle of the bridge, there were a barkada who were vigorously shaking the other end of the bridge. So I shouted "Ah! gusto n'yo pala ng inuuga ha!", so I shook it hard and gave them the shake of their lives. We were laughing so hard (both groups) and we noticed that the other groups are already waiting to cross it. It was really fun and people were so game. On the other end are some souvenir shops and the Bohol's Buko king. But I don't recommend you to buy souvenirs there 'coz it's quite expensive. 

After crossing the two footbridges and shaking it so hard, you will still feel the shake even if you're standing on the ground. I asked them if it's only me or are we all feeling the same "dizziness" effect? We all experienced it and it was really a funny and exciting experience.

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